We set out our times that we will go out. I'm going out during the early afternoon - late evening. I'm going to catch the people going home from work. Sorry hunny. Boss is making me stay late to do some extra paperwork. Miranda will go out at night. We vow to watch each other so that nothing happens. To stay as safe as we can.

   Right now, it's my turn. I'm not afraid of people who are going to pick me up. It's usually nice people who are just lonely. 

   Cars are buzzing by. Man made machines that can take you anywhere you desire. 

   I don't have a shirt on. I wear my army jacket, which I keep open. I slick my hair back. It's getting long. 

   I stay on my part of the street, not wanting to promote competition with anyone. Not many passer-by's are interested. 

Finally, someone pulls up next to the curb. I walk over slowly, not trying to raise attention. 

   The man driving doesn't look at me. His hands are gripped tightly around the steering wheel. 

   "What are you looking for?" I ask him. I keep my hands in front of me at all times.

   "Hop in and I'll show you."

   I risk it because I am desperate for money. I scratch my head as a signal for Johnnie and Miranda.

   We're driving alone the street that he picked me up on.

   "I'm Dave." I know this isn't his real name. 

   I can still see Johnnie and Miranda in the rear view mirror. 

   We pull over in front of a hotel. It looks generally nice. I could have walked here.

   "Stay in the car while I get a room. I want to carry you there."

   I think that's odd, but the customer is always right.

   He runs back out of his car. I really notice his features. He's probably in his mid 30's. He has a strong jaw line and dark eyes. His lips are full but they're nice. He has a bit of a belly but is generally thin. He's attractive. 

   He opens my door and picks me up. I feel like a baby. I stick my face into his chest. He smells like citrus, like a woman. I laugh quietly. 

   We reach the door. He opens it very swiftly. He gently lays me on the bed and stands there, studying me. 

   "Stay like that." He takes my shoes off. "Wait. No. Put your hands behind your head." I do. "Good."

   He pulls my jacket off. I can feel him poke my ribs. He sighs. I regain my position. He kisses me and I kiss him back. His mouth is warm. He runs his fingers over my cheeks. He kisses each cheek, moving down to my chest. It's hairy and I think this bothers him. 

   He unzips my pants and pulls them down. My underwear are loose and they come down a bit. He grimaces. He takes my cock and strokes it a few times. He puts it in his mouth, slowly. I like the way he looks with my cock in his mouth. This makes me hard. He bobs up and down very slowly. I can feel his tongue run up and down. He picks up speed, grunting. I can feel myself vibrating. My fingers twitch. A moan escapes. I moan more and more. I stick my hands on his head. He puts them back on the bed. My toes curl and I can feel myself shaking. Everything coming out of my mouth is noise. I want to explode. Complete ecstasy washes over me. I come into his mouth. He swallows it all.  He keeps sucking, only slower. I haven't been blown like this in a long time. I smile. 

   He leans back on his knees. 

   "My turn." He says swiftly. 

   "What does that mean?" 

   "I want you to blow me." 

  He takes off all of his clothes and lays down on the bed. I am still naked. I look at his dick and it's average. He's shaven and that makes me frown. I start blowing him, sucking a lot. It lasts too long and my jaw hurts. Once he cums in my mouth, I swallow too. I do this because I know I'm not good and it makes him happy. He fishes in his jean pockets and grabs 50 dollars. He thinks I'm cheap. 

   We get dressed and we walk back to his car. 

   "Can I give you my number?" He asks.

   "I'm not looking for a boyfriend." 

   "You're not gay?"

   "I like guys. I'm just not looking for a boyfriend. I'm looking for heroin."

   This makes him upset but I don't care. Nothing matters when I'm high. High is something I'll be very soon. I walk back to Johnnie and Miranda. Now we wait for Miranda to find someone. We will be rich. Rich and merry and high, the good life. 

The End

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