Hotel ScumMature

   Toronto is naughty when the street lights come on. Not naughty in a sexual way, but just plain bad. They become immature babies, strippers begging for money, prostitutes begging for a blow, junkies begging for a fix.

   Sometimes I hate being part of this stereotypical burn out but that's until the drugs begin to take hold. Right. The heroin. Enough for a snort each. Johnnie is still tripping on his pill. I can tell because he started giggling when he saw a cute girl. Johnnie doesn't do these kinds of things. If he ever saw a cute girl without those fucking pills, he'd pull her in and demand a kiss and toss her to the side. Johnnie is like that.  With him, it's love versus fucking. 

   We walk past a bakery that's just closing. There's cakes, danishes, muffins, cookies, sweets that only foreign people could name and they look so good. They look so good, I start to vomit. Right there on the street. I'm so hungry but it's difficult to think about eating. I just can't get myself to do it.

   "I'm tired..." Miranda moans. Her eyes are glazing over, like she is going to fall asleep right there. 

   "We'll find a place to go." But she collapses.

   I feel helpless, like I've done this to her. I don't want this for her, but I do. I'm sick and sadistic. 

   We find the most run down hotel, or motel, whatever you want to call it. We head into the lobby and and I approach the woman sitting in a chair, watching television. She's smoking a cigarette. There's burn marks all over the carpet. 

   I clear my throat, trying to grab her attention. I want to be polite. All we have is 7 dollars. 

   "Can I help you?" Her voice is raspy and dirty, like she's been smoking dust.

   "Uhh, miss, my friends and I were wondering if we could purchase a night here."

   "That'll be 30 dollars." She's a bitch.

   "Uhh, you see, the thing is, is we only have 7 dollars to last us."

   "There's a bus stop down the street. Sleep there, scum."

   Johnnie goes wild and starts hollering and screeching as loud as he can. He stops his feet and punches the walls and kicks the already dead flowers over. 

   "BITCH BITCH MOTHER FUCKER BITCH TITS" He's yelling anything he can.


   The woman is in fear. I step back and let Johnnie do what he wants because he can. Miranda is slumped over in a chair. 

   "I'll call the police! I will!" 

   Johnnie hops over the counter, grabs the phone and smashes it in the ground. He rips out the cord from the T.V. and laughs in the woman's face. 

   "You crazy junkies! You crazy - satanic junkies!"

   Johnnie deepens his voice and grumbles "SATAN IS MY OWN FRIEND SATAN IS MY ONLY FRIEND."

   "Leave me alone!" The woman starts to cry. 

   Johnnie hops back over the counter and runs out the door, kicking it open. I grab Miranda and follow him. I give the lady the middle finger on the way out and laugh.

   "No bitch calls me scum!" He yells. "No bitch I tell you!"

The End

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