Time was running out, we never seem to have enough hours in the day to be together. My life is a book of blank pages waiting to be filled with our time together. When I got home this morning I could tell she had been crying the smell was rank with sorrow. It was a sadness that I caused. Mostly my time is spent running. I run to catch food, run to get to her, and run to get away from her. I can’t trust myself to keep her safe when I’m like this. Life is never simple, that’s what Seth told me anyway. I try to believe him, I really do. But how can I believe him when he isn’t in love. Nobody except Ellie understands how I feel and when we talk it upsets her. I could never bring myself to hurt her. Sometimes I let myself drift away from the real world; I imagine there is a cure for me. Then I could live with Ellie all the time, we could have a family and grow old together. My senses tingle slightly. My ears prick up and my nose fills with tainted air. There’s a deer. Over to my right and forward a bit in the undergrowth, it’s well camouflaged but I know it’s there. A soft growl escapes my muzzle before I can fight against it. My senses are now electrifying my body and jolting it with adrenaline.  I can hear Hannah behind me somewhere where as Seth is on the over side of the deer. Cold winds gather under my bare feet as I hastily gather speed darting across the shortening distance between me and the prey. It’s in my sight clearly now and the deer has seen me and the others but it’s already too late. I leap into the air to make the first blow, sheer power propelling off my body as I soar towards the animal before me. There is terror in the doe’s eyes and I notice my reflection. This isn’t me. The animal I see is a savage, not a man and not a wolf. I remember Ellie’s face from when I saw, the crushing moment when she saw who I really was. My hands close around air and I tumble clumsily to the ground whilst mud sprays up behind me and I skid across the marshy land without moving. Minutes seem to pass before I lift up my head and open my eyes. No, I won’t give in to that animal I am now. Not today.

The End

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