Freshly made car tracks were left in the mud, the car had sent huge droplets of the brown liquid over the steps to the small porch with a rocking chair. There was a cool breeze that morning as Ellie sat on the chair, rocking slowly backwards and forwards, watching, waiting all too patiently. She barely moved for two hours as she sat deep in thought looking over the forest scene before her. Sunlight glinted off the rock on her finger and she admired it for a second, lifting up her hand and smiling for the first time that day. It quickly disappeared when she thought of how long the engagement had lasted so far. Two years, Four months and Seventeen days since her birthday and Becks proposal. Sometimes it felt as if he didn’t care enough to try, although Ellie knew that wasn’t it. This had nothing to do with her. Her mind flickered back like an old movie projector, back to the day when she was told the truth about Beck and his ‘family.’ Although they were family in a way, not in blood but in a deeper relationship that no one else would understand outside of this small forest. There had been no warning what so ever that night, almost three and a half years ago now. They had been together for a while at the time. Becks smile was fresh in her mind; it was the star in her empty sky. Despite how amazingly brilliant that night had been, he had become more anxious to return home. He never said anything but Ellie could see something in his eyes that was different. Something was wrong.

“Beck, what’s wrong?” There was no reply from him and he turned away like a child would to hide tears. After a brief moment of silence he managed to give a muffled, “I need to go home.”

“Look the cars just over there- we’re almost there.” She fumbled with the silver key and jammed it into the car door, twisting it shakily. A thump of flesh upon tarmac came from the behind the car and at once Ellie leapt towards Becks crumpled body. It was freezing outside in the night air and the middle of winter. Her hands were like ice and she ran them over his face. The cold seemed to jumpstart him. Jolts shocked his body; it was as if an imaginary defibrillator was being pushed against his chest. A white light covered the two of them and Ellie screamed, thinking there was a car about to hit them. Slowly, the blinding whiteness faded back into the black gloom of a winter’s night. Her mind was jumbled and slow to realise her hands were no longer on Becks face but on the wet tarmac of the car park. Footsteps came from straight on and to the right; her eyes could only just make out the figure of a man that disappeared into the shadows. Beck turned around to see her looking directly at him. His face was not that of a man’s anymore, it had thick fur across his nose that covered his features. His walk was stooped instead of his usually towering posture with wide strides. There was no one or nothing around, everyone had long ago left the car park and Ellie sat on her own, dazed from that night.

After weeks of waiting and endless phone calls Beck finally reappeared as he was before that night. His features were normal, his eyes their shimmering blue and his nose slightly curved. Once again he stood above her with his nose opposite her forehead.

The End

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