Burning Woods

Amy Gauld follows her true love and adoring fiance to his world of mystery, with his loving pack that treat each other like family. However, every family has its problems and theirs follow them everywhere, even to the lost forest you won't find on any maps. With enemys hiding around every corner, can Amy ever acheive the 'normal' life she always wanted?

Streaks of dirt covered the window panes of the small cottage, ivy crawled up the outside walls like hands reaching for a saviour. Someone far away was whistling as they chopped fire wood and footsteps crunched on the gravel of the empty drive way outside. Seth had taken the Range rover up north with Hannah. Their scents still lingered on the sofa and in the kitchen and whenever their bedroom doors were open it wafted out in waves, crashing against the walls. Hannah always had a flowery scent, like rose petals that were vibrant and colours, fresh and faintly smelling sweetly. Disappointment dripped thickly from Amy’s small figure where a heavenly glow surrounded her silhouette from the fire she was sat beside. Torn papers drifted to the floor as they spilled off the shelves with a whoosh of force with their weight. Nothing made her even flinch. Amy moved only when there was a brisk knock at the door that made her jump. Nobody ever came to their small house. The bills were always paid on time and there were never any family members that came to visit. That meant that he must be back. “Beck,” Amy breathed the word as she drifted like a ghost towards the oak door. A smile lit up her tear stained face whilst the puffy red around her eyes faded, along with the room behind her. When the muddy brown door opened, Amy leapt out of the spot she had been standing in. Her arms wrapped around a lean man with ink black hair that hung just above his eyes that glittered ocean blue. Brilliant white gleamed from his perfect teeth that showed in a much needed smile. “I’m so glad your home.”


The End

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