chapter 2

     The ride to the restaurant was like all others. I climbed into the backseat put in my earbuds and

blast the music all the way up while laying down. These rides are always terrifying, I am always

worried that there will be a repeat of that night, that I will be left completely alone. Although it seems

like an eternity has passed when we arrive it has actually only been like twenty minutes, the sun still 

shining bright. Getting out of the car, my cater and I make our way to the entrance then proceed to

where the waitress is waiting. " Chief Collins, Sir, nice to see you. And Rayna, dear, how are you."

the woman asks grabbing the menus out of the pockets attached to the podium off to the side. " 

Angela, it's good to see you too." my fathers answers as I just stare at her, and nod. As we follow

her to our table, she and my father are deep in conversation, I know it is about me because I

occasionally hear my name mentioned, but I just keep to myself. After being seated, we look over

the menus and choose our meals. Though we come here every year for special Occassions it feels 

wrong being here without them, as if we are moving on and forgetting them. Just as our meals are

about to arrive they set up a table with candles a few tables over, probably for someone date or

something. As they are putting the finishing touches together our food arrives, but before anyone

can catch it , a candle is knocked over onto the table cloth. With the table on fire all I can think is 

about my dream, that is going to come true, one way or another, we would die. I feel the air leave my 

lungs and try breathing harder, so hard that I am about to pass out. I hear someone yelling my

name but It sounds distant, I feel hands around my upper arms. My vision blurs, then I feel the air

around me, and I start shaking as I am pulled into someone's arms and carried to the car. ______________________________


I wake to the sound of the phone ringing in the background, then the sound of someone talking.

Sitting up the events from the night before rush back to me, I feel terrible that I ruined the plans my

father made. Determined to make it up to him, I head downstairs to make breakfast and think up a

plan. Walking into the kitchen I see my father at the table , head in his hands, papers out in front of

him. Before I can get a good look at them, he looks up, spotting me, he gathers all the papers

stuffing them into a folder with my name on it. " Rayna, sweetheart, how are you this morning?" he

asks as I walk over, nodding my head to answer him. " Sweetie, I'm so sorry for yesterday, I

should've known you weren't ready for that." he adds as I walk over and hug him, tears rolling down

our cheeks, his of sorrow, mine of guilt. " I think we should move, living here, this house, this town,

the firehouse, none of it is helping you and we need to move on." upon hearing this I pull back,

shaking my head violently, we couldn't move, this is where all my memories are. " We can't stay if it

isn't helping you, I want to be able to hear you talk to me again, be a normal teenager." he 

determined to get his point across. " No, I promise, I'll get better. Just don't make us leave." I sign

quickly my fingers fumbling through. " well see, and you need to talk to Bryson at least go see him.

Hes worried about you." my father says then Picks up the folder and starts for the door, "I'll see you

tonight." he adds then walks out the door leaving me to my thoughts. Face Bryson, the one person I

have managed to avoid since that night, now that was a hard thing to fix.

The End

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