chaper 1

  It is pitch dark out, the phone is 
ringing. Answering the phone I

try talking and squinting through 
the thick fog that has just rolled in.

Driving as carefully as I can, I

receive news that no one should 
hear. Then out of nowhere, there's 
a bright light followed by the sound 
of crushing metal. Feeling the pain,

I can barely stand it then everything 
goes black.

    I can feel the heat as the flames  
surround me. I can hear people 
yelling, then hear the cracking of 
the floor above me. Trying to make 
my way through to where the voice

called from I dodge the burning 
obstacles. Before I can get to the 
clearing, the second story floor 

   I jerk awake, shaking, and unable 
to catch my breath. It has been 
months since I have had a nightmare 
as bad as this one. Before my 
breathing stabilizes, my father comes

running into my room and walks over 
to me. " Rayna, sweetheart. What is 
it?" he asks holding me to him 
already knowing that I will not speak. 
" Please Rayna, darling. Just tell me

what it is. I know you want to." he 
pleads for what seems like the 
hundredth time since that dreadful

night. Still not answering I cling to

him knowing that he understands

as much as he possibly can and 
doesn't hold it against me. 
  As the shaking subsides and I 
calm down, he pulls me back to 
where he can look in my eyes. " I

know its hard on you more than 
anyone but try to remember you

aren't alone, when you want to talk

were all hear to listen." he replies, 
then kisses my forehead, " Goodnight

Sweetie, you know I love you. I'll see

you in the morning." he says closing 
my door an heading back to his 


    Like every other time I have had a 
nightmare, I stayed home several 
days. I couldn't bare the thought of

being on the road or near a vehicle.

On days like this I just lay around in

my bed wishing none of it had 
happened, I want a normal life, 
normal family, and my friends back.

Lying across my bed, I pull out a box

filled with photos, cards, and letters
 sorting through all the good, old 
memories that I wish could still

continue. Eventually I fall into a deep

restless, and dreamless sleep. 
I don't know how long I slept but I

woke feeling tired and even worse 
than before. Rising from my bed, I 
head down to the kitchen to start 
dinner but when I get down stairs,

my father is sitting at the table on

the phone. "Rayna, why dont you go

put on something nice, I thought we 
could go out. We haven't spent much

time together, with my job and you 
going to school." he says, hanging 
the phone back on the wall. Nodding 
my head, I turn and head back up 
the stairs to get dressed.

The End

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