Burning Precious Things Isn't as Fun as it seems.

Poor Mallory has no time to spare.
Small people invade her own home. Small people, about a pencil wide and a pencil tall.
They threaten to burn her house to pieces with her in it.
Unless, of course, she burns everything she loves.
From pencil caps to the only picture of you and your parents.
Mallory can't stand those stupid Small People. She just wishes she could burn them all.


 Mallory Hankins started her day with a beautiful bundle of yellow and white daisies that were sent from her boyfriend Kent. She took out a stainless purple vase and filled it half way with water. She slowly placed the wonderful flowers into the vase and sighed. What a perfect day.

 Then out of nowhere. Marches. Thump, thump, rumble.  The tables shook and Mallory's hands grew numb. She looked around her kitchen. Nothing but all her furniture and food. Then she heard the word, " Eh lady!"

Mallory shrieked and look around. " Where are you?" She said holding a broomstick.

"  Ay! No need tuh hurt uz lady. We be friend. Yah." the voices mumbled.

" Where are you?" Mallory said, frightened. Robbers? Teenagers with no life fund?

Then out of the sink, popped out a little man. Brown hair and wearing a brown jacket and black pants. More little ones came popping out the rims of the sink. They had all different hair colors, but wearing the same clothes.

" Lady! We vring peace to you. Vyah!" The brown haired one said, Mallory stepped back and whispered " What are you?"

A red haired one stepped forwards and smiled. " Vwhee, are za Small People. As vou can see."

Mallory was frazzled. No, no, no. This is impossible.

A black haired one stepped forward, he had his hair pointed downwards all the way the his chin and he explained, " Vwhee come from vany, vany, var awvay. Vwhee come to you to tell, vwhee burn you house. Vwith fire and matches!" 

" VHA!" The Small People shouted. Brown haired stepped forward, " Unvess, vou give us vhat we vhant."

Mallory shuddered. " What? She said. " Money? Clothes? Food?"

" No, no!" said Red. " Vhe only vhant vou...to burn all you precious stuff. Everyving." Then Brown stepped forward, " Iv you don't....den we burn!"

" VHA!" they cheered.

" Vine," Mallory said. " I mean--fine."

After the deal. Mallory was still a bit frightened about them eating her food and bathing in her sink. Then they introduced themselves.

The brown haired one stepped in front of the banana that lay across the table and told Mallory. " Lady, me am Brown. Dis is Red." He said pointing to a red haired Small People. " Vis is Black" he said pointing to the Chin-down straight haired one. " and ,vis is Blond." he pointed to a male ( well they're all male ) Small People who had handsome blond hair that showed his tiny ears.

  The Brown said. " In virst of burning Precious, vis goes!" he yelled. And he dumped the Boyfriend Flowers into a fire that Mallory never noticed that was made.

" VHA!" They cheered.

The End

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