Burning Petals

Christina holds a secret...
Then she learns another...
Her lover is trying to kill her to trade the secret....

She stood there underneath the cherry blossom tree, waiting in the night. She pulled her trainer jacket tighter, the cold wind seemed to take a bite of warmth from her body. She was the only one waiting in the park, standing alone. she glanced at her wrist watch that he gifted on christmas eve. She touched her lips remembering the warmth of his lips when he kissed her and told her he loved her. They had met only for half a week and before she knew what was happening she was hopelessly in love.

An eddy of light breeze disturbed the pink petals, and it floated with the wind. Spiraling and falling and suddenly rising. She felt like singing, so she sang. Her voice was that of a lark, no her voice was sweeter. She stood underneath the cherry blossom tree, singing in the midst of raining cherry blossom petals. The moon was her spotlight and the silence of the night her spectator. Her voice seemed to melt the hearts of the Gods and a light drizzle splashed across her face. She suddenly stopped when she realized what a mistake she was doing. The drizzle immediately seized and the grey clouds that were gathering disappeared into nothingness. she sighed.

There was a sound of applaud. She turned around with her heart in her mouth. Her eyes wide. It was him, with soft, golden hair, tranquil blue eyes and an innocent smile that did make anyone's pain go away.

"Christina, your voice is fabulous! Remarkable..." he said applauding.

Christina's eyes were wide open, she began to croak, "David you didn't...."

"...your voice is inhuman." Davis cut in and lit a cigar in his mouth. He had lied to her that he never touched tobacco. He let out a trail of smoke that drifted with the breeze. He seemed to stare at the moon. He remained silent for a long time. The flame ate his cigarette that he held on his hand. Christina was breahing heavily and it grew more difficult to draw her breath with each passing second. she no longer loved David, she seemed to fear him.

"A blood elf...just as I thought you were when we first met at the mall." David continued taking a pull from his cigarette. Christina's heart was punishing her, it contracted with fear and unconciously she clenched her hand into a fist, trying to bite down the fear and look normal.

"what are you talking about," Christina tried.

"Don't play with me." David said, "I told you, I am special didn't I..."

Christina gulped.

"Let me show you why I am so special..." David grinned. He let go of his cigarette. It dropped in the ground and at the blink of an eye the small flame in the cigarette burst out at Christina like a flamethrower. Christina quickly reacted by sheilding herself by crossing her arms. The flame hit her hand and burnt away the sleeves of her jacket. She called out for a shield and an invisible dome of energy deflected the rest of the flame and protected her.  She had reacted much faster than a human, who would have been grilled if not incenerated by the flame.

David didn't seemed surprised to see her still alive. He held out his hand and chanted. The flames began to whirl around him and take form of a beast. Its body was made of fire and it had horns like a devil's. It glided towards Christina and started to hammer at her shield with her humongous arms. Sparks flew everywhere and the sparks seemed to be consumed by the monster's body. Sweat trickled down her face. How could she have been so stupid? she asked herself. Her both hands were occupied to retain her shield. If she moved one of her hand to cast another spell her shield would weaken a bit and the monster might just manage to break through. But staying in a stale mate situation wasn't a good idea either because the monster seemed to grow stronger after each blow it gave. It fed on any king of fire, no matter how small.

She decided to take a risk. She waited till the monster delivered his blow on the shield, then she quickly withdrew her right arm and drew a quick figure in the air. The monster's arm advanced faster than she had expected. But her reflexes were remarkable. She left the spell she was working on undone and quickly crossed her arms again and stengthened her shield. She was desperate now. The monster struck again and before it could strike again Chrisina withdrew both her arms, the shield collapsed, then she put one hand on top of the other, palms facing the fiery monster and she recited the spell as fast a she could and closed her eyes. A ray of blue light shot from her arms, the air crackled with electricity. She opened her eyes again to see that the monster was no more. David still stood there, neatly dressed in his white suite, he seemed amused. Christina suddenly realized why. She was surrounded by cloaked men. They all had their faces covered by their hoods. Christina felt tears swell up from her eyes. Davis walked up to her and placed her hands on her shoulders.

"Its okay to cry now," David whispered in her ear, "After all, you are the sacrifice needed to awaken Lord Goruuned and Lady Saguuen. You are the final ingredient."

David snapped his finger and the robed men advanced towards her. David backed off taking another stick of cigarette in his mouth and lit it. She had thought that the 'society' had dissolved years ago...but she was wrong. She didn't bother to fight back, David was too strong and he had back up. She knew her end was inevitable.


The End

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