Burning of Water...

I have been thinking all day. The same thing over and over, not knowing what to do, what to say or not what to do or not what to say. I feel a flush of anger come over me, as I start feeling dizzy and eventually "thump".

I opened my eyes to see the coffee table in front of me and someone whistling. It had to be him. He had to be back. I knew I was giving myself false-hope, but for just one second I had hope. The next minute he walked into the room, but it wasn't the person I had hoped it to be.

It was Tye, his best friend. I don't know when or quite what he was doing here, but I was glad he was. I needed someone to talk to. Tye probably wouldn't understand it properly, but at least I would have someone to talk to, someone that would actually listen.

"I miss him," were the first words that came out. After saying these words, my eyes started welling up with tears that dripped down my face. The more I thought of him, the more the tears flowed. I calmed myself down and tried to say something, but Tye interrupted me.

"He told me what happened, but you know us guys the whole 'bros before hoes' rule and I usually stick to that, I usually stick up for him, but this time I see it straight. Not from a side-ways glance and not from any other way than what it is..."

I didn't understand what he had said at first, but the more I thought about it, the more it mysteriously became clearer. I smiled for the first time since then and I couldn't believe it...

The End

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