Burning EdenMature

What if you were linked to something so much grander, so much more powerful, and mystifying than you ever could have imagined? What if you were the only hope?

Light shone in bright bursts through a small opening about two feet away; it allowed sight for observation, and provided a careful and intricately designed hiding space away from the outside world. Occasionally a few small woodland animals would stumble upon this spot, but this wasn't the case today, for everything seemed to be silenced. Well, that is, except for the shouts of my midday teacher, and my mother. Today I needed peace, and I had gotten it. But, strangely enough, it almost seemed too peaceful. My hypothesis is that if my mother and teacher are screaming, then the creatures inhabiting the forest around us get scared off. I, of course, will need to test that someday.

"Eden Marie Essex, where are you?!"

As the words reached my strained ears, a laugh of mischievous delight escaped through my mouth gently. The distress in her voice was easily noted, and her pride kept her from cursing heavily in front of Mrs.Turner; who was a teacher she had hired to teach me things I would not be able to learn from my main one. Although, she was a miserable shrew of a woman, and my 'childishness' was not so easily tolerated by her. An obvious reason for me to keep hidden, despite my mother's anger.

"Eden," it came as a whisper, spoken carefully into my ear.

Everything went silent, and more so than it was before, for I could now no longer hear the shouts of my mother, nor the careful, well-thought punishments my teacher was using to scare me with. My eyes flickered almost endlessly from the small alcove I resided in, to the outside woodlands. I could see no trace of life, other than myself, anywhere. Carefully, I moved outside from my position, and rested silently in front of the small door.

The whispers soon came in short bursts of urgency, calling my name as if the world was about to end. Perhaps, for them, it was; and the only thing I could do was sit back and watch, unaware of what was unfolding.

But my curiosity, like all humans, was great; and soon I was heading towards the whispers. As I drew closer the whispers seemed to become more hushed, a soothed cooing that led me closer and closer. But as I walked, for what seemed like endless hours, I grew no closer to the hidden destination.

"This is all so bloody queer," I mumbled, searching around for some sort of clue.

Twilight spotted over the treetops, and soon found its way to the ground, turning everything magnificent shades of greens, dark blues and purples. With that it brought an eerie silence that kept my already jumpy nerves high; each sound, however small, sending me into a short frenzy of panic. But the sounds here were short, and there were very, very few of them. They consisted of strange sounds resembling a screeching noise, very painful, and very high pitched. I could not see life, and that was unnerving.

Even the whispers had stopped, and I could no longer find a safe path to follow. Darkness seemed to fall quicker and quicker, coating my skin with its grace and creating an almost translucent glow. The air was humid; the grass seemed dry in itself, for it crunched lightly underneath the soles of my shoes. Extremely queer for a night such as this.

"Eden, little Eden, don't you hear us?" Whatever the creature was, wherever it was, it managed to whisper into my ear, stopping me cold.

But nothing was amiss. Everything was exactly the same as it had been, and I soon became entirely too frustrated with this game they were trying to play with me. Adrenaline rushed through me as I sprinted through the forest quickly; I was not in control, it is as if my own body, somehow, was following something only it could pick up on.

"Come with us to the forbidden lands, follow us into the Garden of Hope!"

The hiss was strong in my ear as I ran; it left a chilly, burning feeling in the pit of my ear which soon died off. It became quiet after that, extremely quiet; I could hear no sound except for the sound of my own labored breathing, and soon I lost that, too. An enticing darkness beckoned me forward, and I closed my eyes; it soon pulled me under with it, and all sense of the world was gone.

The End

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