Dream WeaverMature

After dinner I went upstairs, I felt awfully tired.
"Penn, you okay?" I heard Kallen, but I was already drifting.

I was walking in the snow.
My feet knew where they were taking me, but I was completely oblivious.
I turned the corner onto Maple Vont Ave. This street seemed oddly familiar.
I kept walking my boots making crunching sounds beneath me, thats when I saw it.
A great house was burning down, two kids stood out front panicking. The older one trying to keep the younger one calm.
The older one ran into the fire.
The younger one falling to his knees.
I ran over, the younger kid looked familiar.
He looked no older than four, younger when the snow that fell clung to his face.
"What's your name?" I asked.
"Majic Louis." He said, but it made no sense. Our whole lives our last names were Lux.
"Whats wrong?" I asked.
He pointed to the fire. "My mommy and daddy and Alexa are in there."
"Alexa?" I asked.
"My sister." He said tears flooding his face.
None of it made sense. Majic was my blood reative, but dreams always had meaning to them.
Majic stood up when sirens approached.
I scooped Majic up and out of the way.
When the fire was put out I noticed two gurneys came out leaving one person missing. I saw the two parents, only one left was Alexa.

The End

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