Burning AngelsMature

Everything flashed white before me, questions were running through my head. Who am I? What colour are my eyes? Whens my birthday? Where was I born? Does it hurt if I move? Where am I?  Each question was answered.
I am Penn Lux. My eyes are green-most of the time. My birthday is June 7. I was born in Manhattan, New York. It hurt when I moved my right leg. And from the sound of it I was in a car moving very fast. I also heard the sound of raspy breathing on my left side. My back was pressed against something cold, metal maybe.
“The warehouse?” I heard someone ask, it was a male voice. It was deep, but it sounded like velvet and I was instantly drawn to it.
“Yeah, and drug' em up again. I saw that blond move her leg.”
I felt restraints tighten on my ankles, thighs, waist, arms, and forehead. I knew I had no chance of fighting this. I felt firm hands on my cheek and I felt fingers close over my mouth as they placed a needle in my arm.
It partially knocked me out, but I could still hear them murmur about locations, and my companion knocked out beside me. His name was Haris Blair.
As I listened simple words became more and more understandable, and I fell I lost consciousness.

I was walking on a beach, the sun was beating down on my pale, winter skin. It felt good.
Living in  Manhattan the beaches stunk, literally, and the sand always felt cold. Here,where ever I was, the sand felt warm.
I walked farther down the beach, sand sticking to my feet. I climbed onto the rocks, perching myself onto the top. I stripped off my t-shirt and shorts, preparing to dive into the clear water.
“What are you doing?” A voice asked. “Come down!”
I looked down at him and said, “No, give me one good reason why I shouldn't dive in.”
“The waters cold.” He gave a devilish smirk.
“Well, I'll just have to test that myself won't I?”
“Or you can just listen to me.”
I laughed, “I don't listen to anyone.”
“I've noticed.” he said.
“Who are you anyways? Don't you have somebody else to bother?”
After that he kept quiet.
I dived into the rich, blue water. He was wrong the water wasn't cold, it was warm.
“What were you complaining about?” I asked, “The water is nice.”
He stripped off his shirt and came after me.
Something about the look in his eye bothered me, same with the way he held himself and his gait. It all seemed wrong, to me anyways. But nobody else seemed to notice, but then again there was nobody around.
“Your not human.” I said, the words revealing themselves before I even knew what was happening.
“Like you are?” He asked.
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“Don't act all innocent! Your the one who cast me to hell, your the one who dammed the world!”
“How about you start from the beginning!” I snapped.
“No time to talk, just answer me one thing.”
“Are we actually going to talk or are you just going to blame me for your misery?”
“Little bit of both, but seriously, tell me who are your parents?”
That struck me. I didn't know my parents, my brother told me they died when he was six and I would have been two. I've never know my real parents, my whole life I'd been in and out of foster care, until Majic turned 19, when I he got custody over me.
“And you think I know who they are?” I answered.
“Well, wouldn't you? Didn't your brother tell you?”
“Didn't he tell me what?” I tried not to sound eager.
“Guess not.”
I laughed, “what ever it is its not important.”
“You say that know, but soon, it'll kill you.” He said, and walked out of the water.
Now the water had a cold feeling to it, as if it were freezing over, the sun was being clouded with globs of gray and white. His words leaving a nasty taste in my mouth.

I was being moved, when I woke from my dream. Everything in that dream seemed to take an effect on me, and I suddenly wondered where Majic had been these past couple days. I wondered if he'd come back soon enough to realize I was missing.
As my back came off of the cold metal, I tried to over hear anything as to where I was.
I opened my eyes to see my surroundings. I was being carried into a white building, with broken windows and at least three floors.
“Lad your up, I think ya can walk on yer own legs.” An Irish man said, he set me on my feet and I hesitantly took a  step forward.
“Where do I go?” I asked, when he pulled a gun on me.
“The front doors lad, they're right around the corner. You run, you get shot. Deal?”
 I walked to the front door, trying to recognize where I was. It was warm, too warm for Manhattan or any place in New York.
“Where am I? I whispered.
“Its called California.” A girl answered. “Hi, I'm Kallen York.”
“Penn Lux.” I smiled.
“Penn, I think were gunna get along really well.” Kallen smiled.
“Maybe, I mean this place looks like a prison.”
“Yeah, but the inside is amazing.”
“You sure?”
Kallen laughed. “Yes.”
“Okay lets go check it out.”
“Oh and you might want to change out of that.”
I looked to see what I was wearing. A satin beige dress, and black Coco Chanel heels.
“Yeah,  maybe.”
“Here I'll show you our room.” Kallen smiled. 
“Um, okay.” I gave off a smile.
Kallen took me to the third floor. She was right inside was decorated in a Victorian manor, with slight modern twists. A place you wouldn't want to leave. Maybe that was the point; keep these people here by treating them like Gods. I didn't know, but it was my business, I mean they dragged me here right? And I have to face it sometime, but I'm a really nosy person.
“Here we go.” Kallen showed me to a king sized bed with a curtain running around it. The room itself was beautiful. Walk-in closets with and a hot tub. The walls were a lilac with a gold-silver embroidery.  And the beds went to match.
“Wow.” I said, stepping towards the closet. “Lulu Lemon, Adidas, Nike, TNA, everything.”
“I know right, they treat us like Gods, compared to our other life, well my other life anyways.” Kallen said sitting on her ottoman. She looked like a Goddess, and looked to fit the part. Copper hair with traces of platinum and gold, and her violet eyes were vacant, but very aware of the world around her. Meanwhile I had my long, blond hair and my green eyes that changed whenever they pleased.
I dashed into the closet, running to find comfortable clothes, I came out in a turquoise TNA sweater and Guess jeans, with a pair of  heeled boots.
“Ca-a-ute!” Kallen pronounced each syllable with enthusiasm.
“When do we eat?” I asked, feeling quiet hungry.
“Soon. Oh and you have to dress fancy.”
“How fancy?” I asked.
“Like red carpet, dresses are in the back.”
“Thanks.” I smiled.
But this all brought back more questions. Where was I before I was kidnapped?
I grabbed a note pad from the dresser and Kallen gave me a pen. She insisted on helping me, but I shook my head and told her I wanna know for myself. And the truth was I didn't know this girl, I didn't trust her.
Trust took time, but she just let herself trust everyone, wonder how many times her heart was broken.
I was like a lone wolf, it its own little pack. I didn't trust anyone to be with me, and I surely didn't want them to follow me. They'd be on the inside, and have the opportunity to trade my secrets, for their desire.  I wouldn't let that happen, if I were by myself I could trust my actions but you can't always be both Alpha and Omega. Sometimes you need the companionship, but sometimes you never do.
There were reasons I don't trust, I just buried them deep, until I got proof and burned them alive.
On the notepad I scribbled questions I was going to find out.
1. Where was I before California?
2. My parents?
3. Does this have anything to do with them?
4.Who is this Kallen York character?
5.Why are 'guests' treated like royalty?
6.Where's Majic?
7. Location (Pin point exactly)

 Kallen stood behind me. “Who's Majic?”
“My brother.” I said.
“And I  like number four.” Kallen pointed to it.
“I'm just curious.”
“You wanna know my story?”
“Yeah,” I sounded too eager so I tacked on, “I guess so.”
“I'm from Tennessee,  second youngest of seven. We lived in Memphis, for a while. Until we moved to the state of New York. Typical. Country girl in a big city, like I haven't seen that before. I utterly refused. My siblings loathed it, while I studied the city some more, it gorgeous, if you see it in a way. Where are you from?”
“Manhattan, New York.”
Kallen laughed, “And I'll be dammed.”
“I loved the City though, I loved drawing the sunsets, the dull sands, the buildings. All I had growing up was my brother, Majic, never knew my parents. He used to tell me about them, but nothing useful, 'just they were so happy when you came' ,'they adored you.' stuff like that.”
“Bull shit?”
A knock came from the door.
Kallen sprung up gracefully to answer it.
“Sebastian.” Kallen said, a smile smearing her face.
“Hi, Kallen.” Sebastian said, he walked in. “Who's that?”
“Penn Lux.” Kallen said.
“Hi.” Sebastian said.
“Where's your shirt?” I asked, not that I didn't mind, Sebastian was hot.
“Um... I dunno.” He said, leaving. “Oh, and by the way, dinner in an hour, go get ready.”
“Lets go get dressed.” Kallen smiled pushing me towards the closet.

An hour later she had me in a white-ish blue dress, with cut outs on the sides. For the most part the back was bare, and the dress was beautiful. She had also put me in black stilettos, and had set a diamond necklace around my neck. Kallen also straightened my hair, did my make up, and still found time for herself.
“Wow.” I said. I looked dazzling, but next to Kallen, I looked just great. Kallen had on a black cocktail dress, and wore purple Jimmy Choo's with them. Her hair was in waves, and it was twisted into a Chignon bun.
“Wow, is right. We look fine.” She said, and gave a wink. “Lets get downstairs now were fashionably late.”
I laughed.

We walked down the stairs, and heads turned to stare at us. One head stood out in particular. A boy with short soft blond waves and violet eyes, but he seemed to be too focused on Kallen.
I reached the bottom and fell, boy seeming to have be at my aid.
“I'm Levi.” He whispered into my ear.
I had no time to respond, Kallen dragged me with her to the table where I sat between a brown-haired boy named Jace, and herself.
Levi sat across from me, sneaking glances when he could. Meanwhile Jace shifted uncomfortably, beside me.
In the dining hall about fifty others were seated in complete silence.
Soft music started across the ball room, and a woman came to stand at the upper balcony.
“Welcome, to all. We have some new members of the Black Society, here.  Destony Barrett,  Haris Blair, Penelope Lux, Jace Valley, Angela Thompson; would you all please stand.”
The five of us stood,  I took a good look at each one.
Each of them had violet eyes except for Jace and I. Jace had gray eyes.
I attempted to changed my eyes, but I knew they were turning silver.
“A toast,” The woman said again. “To the new members as well as the old.”
We all raised our glass and sat down.
I saw Levi look at me, then Kallen and Jace. It was weird he seemed to be radiating a darkness, maybe only I could pick up. I saw through his facade, they all had one, but his was shallow, skin deep easy to see.
He turned his head and it was all burried. I wasn't too sure if I had seen what I had or not.

The End

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