Bonus Scene

(The day after ‘The Needle Incident’) 

Annalise started hanging out in the abandoned washroom during Psychology, just playing meaningless games on her phone.

But when Amelia stumbled in, closing the door behind her with a wheeze, the girl jumped up, throwing an arm around her shoulders and supporting her weight as the other teenager started shuffling, hunched over, to the sink. She laid her hands on either side of the sink, head bent over.

Realizing what was going to happen, Annalise held back Amelia’s hair as the girl started to retch. Her face was ashen, and she gagged multiple times, Annalise rubbing her back in a soothing manner.

When she was done, and only dry heaving, the Brooklynite spit into the sink, and then swished water around in her mouth, trying to get rid of the taste.

The other teenager helped her to sit on the counter, and watched, concerned.

“They tried to get me to tell them where you were.” She rasped. “I…” Amelia grimaced. “When I wouldn’t, they injected me with the poison they were giving you as well as my usual. It was too much for my system, obviously.” She gestured to the sink beside her.

And Annalise didn’t know what to do. So she brought her back to her house after Amelia admitted, reluctantly, that she didn’t have any family anymore. The other girl didn’t ask any more questions.

The End

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