Who We Have Left

Emilio. Annalise. Amelia. Constance. Jacob. Sophie. Lara.

They were all that was left in a household that had once held a mother, a father, an aunt, an uncle, two cousins, a daughter, and a son.

Now their daughter had brought in a friend, a stranger, a distant relation, a neighbour, a lost little girl, and a school outcast.

And the previous family is all gone but for the daughter.

She wonders if maybe they’d be proud of her makeshift pack, of their makeshift family.

She hopes so.

It’s all they have left, and nobody ever ventures out of houses these days, except for the Infected driven mad by the plague. Banging on the windows, screams, or deathly quiet was the norm these days. Especially when you were all huddled in the basement, the only sound being six people’s breathing.

It was terrifying, adrenaline-pumping, and apocalypse worthy.

It was her life these days.

The End

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