Names For Those We Shoot

Skeles were roaming the streets, assault rifles at the ready. There was a rule: if you saw a Skele, you put your hands up, and pulled any sleeves down, exposing your face and wrists, the two main places that the symptoms started. Your veins and your lips.

There had been incidents of plague victims gone mad, the Infected attacking a Healthy.

There were five types of people these days. You were a Healthy if you were’t sick at all, an Undetermined (or Undeter) if you were feeling weak or were otherwise sick but not with the plague yet, a Flu if you were beginning to show symptoms, an Infected if you were well on your way to succumbing completely to the virus, or a Gone if you were dead or might as well be.

Skeles were those who took it upon themselves to ‘protect those that were still pure’.

AKA, they shot anyone who looked like they might be remotely sick.

The End

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