“You’re a liar.” She told her brother, smile ghosting across her face when he stopped flailing his arms about for a bit.

Martin sulked. “I’m not a liar!” he protested. He’d been telling gruesome stories of a supposed ‘plague’ that had been hitting the rural areas around China. Sores on the back of necks, coughing up blood, shaking in your knees, voices reduced to grunting and murmers. Highly contagious.

His sister, though, didn’t believe it. “Next you’ll be telling me that there’s zombies rising up from the grave.” she joked.

Martin’s face showed that he was not amused by his sister’s antics. “This is serious!” He yelped.

“Sure, little brother.” Annalise grinned.


At school, the usual gossips were having a field day.

"I hear it's the start of the apocalypse," The ever overdramatic Emery flipped her hair over her shoulder, her pink-glossed lips pursing.

"Of course, it's God's judgement upon us," Amy rolled her eyes, placing her hand on her hips and listening to the absurd rumors flying around the school and spreading like wildfire.

The End

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