Are You Here To Save Me?

So... being on a train for 5 hours makes you write strange things, apparently. Watching Warm Bodies probably didn't help either.


He has to do this, but it’s so damn hard with clear blue eyes staring up at him from underneath a fringe of messy blonde-brown hair.

“Are you here to save me?” The child asks, and her face is already filled with resignation, but there’s hope in there, too.

“No.” He says, and there’s pain in his voice, almost making his voice shake, because this is his best friend and he can’t help her. He can’t. She’s going to go through so much, but he can’t stop it because it’s what makes her who she will be. It’s what makes her into the woman that he is friends with.

And her eyes cloud over, a storm on a sunny day, and everything about her screams disappointment.

He wants so badly to help her, to spare her the pain, and he can’t.

He just can’t.

The End

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