A reminder

The tattoo of a sword on  his arm flared up, the pain rushed up his arm causing him to fall to the floor. They were coming. The only thing that calmed him was that she was out, they would come and she'd be out. He breathed out, it would work. 

His hand automatically went to his sheath, bracing for a fight, knowing when the time arrived, they'd win. He set off to delay his fate.

She dreamed in the garden, she managed to give him the slip. He was always so protective. The light shining around her like invisible music drifting past. She kept him sane, she knew his secret and in return he protected her.

They came. In the garden, they took her. He came too late, he didn't see them, he missed her. She was gone, just a note remained. 

"Burn his dreams....Burn her" 

The End

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