Late last night

As she looked into the sky, focusing on the stars furthest from her life, he punched the wall. Reeling from the pain he cursed himself. Did it have to be this way? Of course it did, there was no way it couldn't be anything else, they were after him. The dark thoughts circled his mind and he shook his head as if to make the thought dispel onto the floor and scatter in the wind. Running his hands through his hair he sighed loudly, the thoughts of what was inevitable riddling in his head, twisting together forming the false illusions with the slight truth intertwined. 

A laugh breezed through the old house, reverberating round his round room. Her laughter, only hers, no one else laughed in this house. It was the only thing that made him remember that time moved, he wasn't stuck in the abyss. Though he was stuck in the house, trapped in the gloom. He sunk to the floor, although the laughing had calmed him down, the pain of the cut throbbed and blood was trickling down his knuckles was the painful reminder. 

A reminder of the dark forces that were coming. 

For him. For her. 

The End

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