Burn For MeMature

All of her life, Sorina has been able to summon and control fire. Lord Alexiroth Blackthorne wants her power for himself and vampires always get what they want...

It was very cold and perfectly dark. Fear crept along Sorina Blue's spine, renderingher unable to conjure her devestating fire power. She never should have run awy from her family home. This would not have happened if she had stayed with her parents and younger sister Helga. Little Helga was just about to starthigh school and had wanted Sorina to take her for her first day.

Now Sorina was not sure she would ever see her beloved family again.

"Do you want to get out of there?"

The voice startled her. Sparks fizzed and died around her fingertips with the moment of sheer panic. It was a masculine voice coming from within the blackness of the small cell - one that seemed to be four by four with six feet for a ceiling. Being short, Sorina could barely touch the high grate in the door.

"It would be wise to give me an answer, little girl. Do you want me to let you out?" The voice was harsher as if annoyed.

Sorina nodded, felt silly for realising he could not see her, then mumbled, "Yes...please, sir."

There was a groan as the door was unlocked and swung open. No light illuminated the hall way. It was just as dark and quiet as the cell.

Sorina shakily got to her feet and walked out of her cell, feeling along the wall to find her way. Once out of the cel, she felt along the wall until she found a door that allowed light to pass out from beneath it. White light.

She pushed it open and was instantly yanked inside by a pair of male hands.

"Well, well, it looks like you're going to do what I want after all," said Lord Alexiroth Blackthorne with a sardonic twist to his full lips as he leered down at defenceless Sorina.

The End

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