Burn: FiveMature

-August 19, 1987- Seven days remain-

It was noon by the time I rolled out of bed that day. I’d had a hell of a time sleeping the night before, not to mention I’d been hanging out with Elizabeth and Donnie all day the day before.

      Donnie and I had barely spoken since our intimate little moment on the porch three days previous. To say that it was eating me alive would have been the understatement of the century.

      I sauntered down the hall to the bathroom and started the water for a shower. Slowly and groggily I stripped out of my pajamas. For several minutes I stared at the girl reflected in the full-length mirror.

      I was barely fifteen but could have passed for sixteen with ease. It was in the curve of my hips and the way my shadowed eyes screamed out experience. I had walked through hell, and it showed.

      I pushed a hand through my scraggly brown hair and climbed into the shower.

      When I emerged twenty blissful minutes later, it was in a refreshed state. My hair now hung in wet strands among my scrubbed-clean face. I reached for a towel and began to pat myself dry.

      I slid into some clothes- a new pair of jeans and a black v-neck tee with a silver and green butterfly coming up the side. I ran a brush through my hair a few times, but didn’t bother to style it.

      I emerged from the bathroom and headed down the hall towards my room. I passed Donnie’s room; as was standard, the door was closed. I found myself pausing, wondering if he could feel my presence through the door.

      I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the handle. It was cool in my hand. So many thoughts rushed through my head, but I toned them all out. There was little point in sitting on the sidelines, waiting for someone to put the game into play. I had to make the first move myself.

      I twisted the handle and opened the door. Donnie’s eyes flew to the doorway where I stood, traveled up and down my body and then finally landed back on my own eyes.

      “Hey,” he merely said.

      I felt my chest heaving with each and every breath I took. This was it, the only chance I would have. In a week I’d been gone, I’d probably never see him again. I had to make the most of the time I had left.

      I didn’t speak for fear that my voice would give out, but in three quick strides I was standing directly beside his bed, looking down into his blue eyes. They reminded me of the ocean; I could have drowned in them just as easily.

      I swallowed hard. Thought about running out. All the while Donnie was staring up at me, mixed emotions playing out across his face.

      “Donnie,” I whispered, hating how my voice quaked. Hating how broken I sounded.

      Donnie reached up to take my hand. An electric jolt ran through me as he laced his fingers into mine. A second later I was being pulled down onto his bed.

      I fought to regain my balance, sitting up. Less than a foot separated us. Donnie reached out to finger a strand of my hair, which was still dripping wet.  

      In one easy motion, he moved his hand behind my neck. “I am going to kiss you,” he murmured in a low voice. My breathing faltered.

      And then he did. He pulled my face to his and our lips collided, his mouth moving feverantly against mine. I pushed my body as close to his as I possibly could, sending us falling backwards onto his bed.

      Donnie rolled me over with ease so that he was lying on top of me. Our tongues brushed and I moaned, arching my back against his chest.

      Eventually he broke away- much too soon in my opinion- but made no motion of getting off of me.

      A contented sigh escaped my lips. “Donnie Darko, I think I may be in love with you.’

      The words poured out of my mouth before I paused to think about the consequences. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest I was positive that he could feel it right through me.

      For what seemed like an eternity I lay there, unmoving, waiting for something, anything to happen.

      And when it did, it was the most unexpected, the most beautiful thing that had ever happened in my life. A smile came over his face as he lowered it to kiss me once more- just a gentle peck, barely even touching my lips.

      “Alyssa Hamilton, I know I am in love with you.”


      We descended the stairs hand in hand, not caring who saw us or what they thought. At least I knew I wasn’t. I was lost in bliss. At long last, I was sure, I had found my prince and my castle in the clouds.

The End

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