Burgular-Alarm Factory Robbed!!

Yesterday night, there was a horrible break in at AME&R Burglar-Alarm Factory. They were looking for the very rare 24k gold, with genuine pink, purple and teal diamond, alarm system. All the owners, A-Amelia; M-Manny; E-Eric; R-Richard, exclaimed, “That’s the most expensive alarm system!?

Five suspects, dressed in strawberry outfits, were seen entering the premises. The witnesses told us “The Five Strawberries? had guns. One witness said they were eating crackers. Police caught one of the so called cracker eating, gun shooting strawberries. His name is Clifford Anzilotti. He had alibi. But when he was at work, we searched his house and our detectives found crackers half eaten, some bullets and a strawberry suit. But, the only thing we didn’t find was a gun. We put hidden cameras throughout the house. When he got back from work he watched Dora the Explorer, Wiggles and Blue Clues.

As the investigation continues he leads us to a gun. It was found at the Coo Coo warehouse. He was met by Chris BoldCheck, Fred Snapdragon, Rick Carey, and Matt Moonsonata. Anzilotti said he felt like some one was watching him. Everybody laugh at him. BoldCheck said, “Where did you hide the Alarm system, Chris? “I hid it in here." said Carey. BoldCheck yelled, “Stupid, where in here did you hide it!?!?" “Oh, I hid it in a box, in the closet, in the fifth quarter.? Carey continued, “The box has “Genuine Alarm" on it. BoldCheck yelled, “Well, that makes absolutely, NO SENSE WHATSOEVER !!!! Where in the world is ‘the fifth quarter?!? Carey said, “Well, if you cut the warehouse in four to five sections, the fifth quarter would be over there." He said as he was pointing to the rear of the building.

Anzilotti was correct, someone was watching him. It was one of our detectives, Allan Spirit. Off duty, Spirit came to the Coo Coo warehouse, to do surveillance, with a tape recorder and video tape recorder. Moonsonata said, “Why did you mark the box, ‘Genuine Alarm’?? Carey said, “Well, how would we find the box, if we put on it ‘This is not the ‘Genuine Alarm’?? BoldCheck yelled “YES!!!!! Well we don’t want police finding it!? By the time BoldCheck said that, backup for Spirit came. The detectives yelled, “It’s a bit late for that, isn’t?? BoldCheck yelled “I’m going to get you Allan Spirit, I’m going to get you!? The detectives located the alarm, arrested the Strawberry Burglars and took them to jail. That’s the last any of the strawberries spoke to Spirit, they ended up serving 10 years each. Spirit moved to Arizona as a retired detective.

So all you alarm-factory owners, put a new alarm on your factory, before someone steals a 24k gold, with genuine pink, purple and teal diamond, alarm system.

The End

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