Buoyant Joy

A poem about the hardships and joys of relationships.


If you ask
To trespass

Let’s laugh 
Until it hurts

Until our weight
Fades inert
Like shadow shapes of fate
And chocolate—
Sharing a plate
Of its innate dessert

You turn in sleep
Like Saturn

Beautiful to keep;
To earn

Thick breaths are deep
And cathartic to hear

A hush just above a peep
Rushes past my ear

And I yearn
Like the sun is burning

Warm in the distance

I want to awaken you this instance;
A selfish thought

But I can’t chance 
Getting caught
Or pulled from the pleasant balance
Of our entangled descent into silent co-existence

And so I rest
With my chest
On your back
With an arm slung slack
On your breasts

Trust is worth earning
Before we hold and touch

So you’re
No more 
Torn with resistance
In my presence
Of forlorn remnants
Worn on my skin like thorns

I’m like a boy 
In the open ocean
Buoyant with joy
Aware without a care 
That that is where
The sharks swivel serpent

Did innocence
Hold her in the entrance
Since you told her, “no further”
Though true desire took difference?


The End

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