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He made his way over to the bed and I scooted back a little, pulling him onto the bed, my nerves tingling with anticipation as he knelt over me. I leant up to kiss him, his lips meeting mine a little sloppily. I set to work undressing him as we made out, but something made me go slowly. The same pressing urgency as before was there, but some part of me wanted to take my time with it. Andrew's hands moved fluidly over me, getting my clothes off in slow, smooth movements, all the while his lips barely leaving mine. I nipped at his bottom lip, the warmth of his back against my hands. He kissed me quickly, sliding off the bed for some reason. I propped myself up on my elbows, looking for him, and seeing him kneeling over his jeans, his wallet in his hands. I was about to ask what he was doing, when he came back over and I saw what he'd gone to get; a condom. I had to admit, it kind of bugged me a little. I mean, we'd both been and had routine STI tests, and we'd both gotten the all clear, so it's not like there was any risk, so to speak. I couldn't help but be suspicious that he was just like the others, convinced that I was carrying HIV or something. I tried not to let it bother me, my breath catching in my throat as Andrew jerked me off a little. I stole a glance at his member when he stopped jerking me off to put the condom on and my eyes widened a little. He was huge. Christ, was that was he was on about when he said he wanted to make sure I was ready for it?

His lips met mine hungrily, his hands in my hair, before asking where the lube was. I scrambled to get it from the bedside table, handing it to him with a kiss. I waited anxiously as he lubed up, stretching me a while before pushing in. My eyes clamped shut and I let out a groan, waiting to get used to it. Andrew was patient, kissing whatever of me he could reach til I wrapped my legs around him. He set up a slow, steady pace, my back arching in pleasure. I hadn't felt anything like this is so long; something loving and sensual and just perfect. We kept at it until we both came, just enjoying the warmth of each others' skin. I cuddled up to Andrew's chest, feeling his arm around me. Neither of us spoke. Neither of us needed to. We stayed cuddled up to each other for hours, eventually getting under the covers and resigning ourselves to sleep. I was still horny, and I was by no means done with him but for that night, I was content.


Around a month later, I was out getting takeout for the four of us, when I got two rather cryptic texts. One was from Andrew, saying 'got you a present ;)'. The other was slightly more worrying. It was from Danny, and simply said 'get home now'. I got our food, and headed home, dreading to think what I was coming back to. Had Danny and Andrew finally had it out and only one was victorious? Had someone destroyed the house? I headed inside cautiously, putting the food down on the dining table. Lily appeared out of nowhere, sitting down at the dining table patiently.

"What's going on?" I asked her, frowning.

"They're in the living room" she said simply.

I headed for the living room, and was met by the sight of Andrew on the floor, playing with a bright white puppy, while Danny sat brooding on the couch.

"Can someone explain what's going on?" I asked, making the both of them look up.

"I got you a present" Andrew grinned, getting to his feet and picking the puppy up, bringing it over to me.

"Andrew, we can't keep it" I sighed.

"Which is exactly what I said" Danny cut in.

"Danny, why don't you go start eating with your sister? This might take a while" I smiled and Danny glared at Andrew, getting up and leaving the room.

"Why can't we keep him?" Andrew asked me.

"Who'd take him out for walks? Keep him company? We both work hectic hours, and the kids are rarely home when I'm not"

"But he's such a cutie pie" Andrew said, holding the puppy up so it could lick my cheek. Okay, I had to admit he was cute, but that didn't mean we could keep him. "Pretty please, Hadley"

"Andrew" I groaned.

"I kind of... can't... take him back anyway"

"What?" I asked in disbelief.

"They said no refunds" he said, biting his lip a little. "But he's so cute, and when I saw him I just knew I had to get him"

"You didn't think the rest of us might have an opinion on whether or not we get a dog?"

"Everyone loves dogs. Lily thinks he's adorable"

"Lily has a horse, she doesn't need another pet"

"You can't cuddle up to a horse, though" he countered and I sighed.

"I guess we're stuck with him, then. What've you called him?"

Andrew chuckled. "I got him for you, Hadley. It's up to you"

"I don't believe that for a second" I smiled.

"Okay, so I named him already, but I honestly did get him for you. He's called Rocket"

I looked at Rocket, his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he looked around him in excitement. I swear to God, Rocket, if you destroy the house, I'll sell you in a second. Andrew leant over, planting a kiss on my lips, and put Rocket down, taking my hand in his as we walked to the dining room to join the kids. Rocket plodded along after us, skidding all over the place when he reached the laminate floor of the kitchen, making Lily laugh. Thanfully Andrew had had enough foresight to get Rocket some food, and he sat happily by his bowl in the kitchen, chowing down on his food while the rest of us ate. The rest of the evening was spent with all of us, save for Danny, making a fuss of Rocket. Needless to say he enjoyed all the attention, tiring himself out eventually. I'd told Andrew that Rocket wasn't allowed to sleep on the bed, but the second we decided to hit the sack, he'd plopped Rocket down at the foot of the bed. We argued about it for a little while, but Andrew won in the end when Rocket yawned, curing up and going to sleep. I warned Andrew that it wouldn't be a regular thing, but I both think we knew that wasn't true.

The End

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