Which Side?Mature

We carried on talking on the drive back to mine, and I couldn't help but notice the cab driver glaring at us in the rear-view mirror. Asshole. It's not like we were all over each other, or anything, we were literally just talking about my kids. But obviously something about us rubbed him up the wrong way. Andrew got out of the cab when we got back to mine, and I couldn't help but wonder if he'd changed his mind about taking me up on my offer of sex. I'd never brought anyone home with me, I didn't want to have to put the kids through it. I stopped when I got to the front door, trying to find my keys in my pocket, suddenly very aware of how much taller than me this guy was. Maxxie had been taller than me, but it was a comfortable height difference; he wasn't so tall that I felt intimidated, but Andrew towered over me. He must've had an extra foot over me. I found my key eventually, sort of half turning to face him, to thank him for bringing me home, when I felt his lips on mine softly. I stood there, frozen in shock for all but a few seconds, before kissing back, his hands on my hips. The cab, which had been waiting patiently for Andrew, sped off at the sight of us, despite the fact that the driver hadn't been paid. Andrew severed the kiss, looking around as he heard the screeching of tyres.

"Great" he groaned. "Guess I'm walking home, then"

"You could... Uh, you could always stay here" I suggested nervously.

He glanced up at the house for some reason. "Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I only count three rooms"

I chuckled faintly, looking down at my feet, all embarrassed all of a sudden. "Yeah, there are only three rooms"

"So I take it I'd be staying on the couch...?"

"Up to you. I mean, you could always stay in my room" I said, biting my lip and looking up at him from under my lashes.

He smiled, kissing me again, and letting me unlock the door. We made our way upstairs quietly, not wanting to wake the kids up, and I made sure to shut my bedroom door behind us; I didn't want them hearing anything. I watched Andrew as he slipped out of his jeans, getting out of my own when he looked at me. I wasn't entirely sure where things were heading. I mean, there wasn't this sudden urgency to be naked, and Andrew certainly didn't seem to be in any hurry to fuck me.

"Which side do you sleep on?" he asked.

What? I didn't give him an answer, just got into bed, and I felt the bed dip down as he got into bed as well. I had my back to him, but it kind of felt like he was keeping his distance. Talk about mixed signals, huh? Maybe he saw the photo of Maxxie next to my bed and thought I wasn't single or something. I rolled over after a while, looking at him. He had his eyes shut, but I couldn't tell if he was asleep or not. Apparently he wasn't, because he opened one of his eyes. I blushed a little, burying my head in the pillow and pretending to be asleep. I felt him reach up and start playing with my hair and turned my head to face him again, smiling faintly at him. He smiled back, his hand moving down from my hair to stroke my cheek softly. He moved his hand again, breaking off what little physical contact there was between us, and honestly, I swear it physically hurt to have that little bit of affection taken away from me. I hadn't been on the receiving end of any affection since... well, probably since Eden. I mean, sure I got platonic affection from Mom and the kids, and Caleb and Alex, but it wasn't the same. I was wrapped up in my thoughts when I felt Andrew's arms slide around my waist, hugging me to him, his arms folded over the small of my back. Everything about it just felt right. I nuzzled his chest through his shirt, shutting my eyes and enjoying the feel of it while I still could. I won't lie and say I was expecting him to stick around once the morning came around, but just having someone to hold for the night was enough.

The End

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