A few months after the wedding, Alex and Caleb had set me up with one of their friends. They’d somehow managed to not sleep with anyone else for the month I challenged them, and Caleb had taken great delight in picking someone out for me. I, however, wasn’t allowed to know who I was meeting. All I was given was a time, a place and a name. Great.

The kids had wished me luck as I left the house, getting a cab to the restaurant I was meeting my blind date at. I wandered inside, hoping he was there already and knew who he was meant to be meeting. I looked around, not seeing anyone sat on their own, when a guy stood up, waving at me. He had floppy brown hair and green eyes. He looked alright, but he wasn’t exactly my type. I wandered over to him.

“Are you Martin?” I questioned.

“That’s me” he said in a heavy Irish accent, standing up and holding out a hand for me to shake.

“Hadley” I said, shaking his hand.

He flashed me a grin. “You look nicer than the high school photo Caleb shoved at me” he laughed, sitting back down.

“I’m surprised he didn’t try to show you a photo of me naked” I said, taking my own seat.

“He did” Martin smirked and I stared at him. Since when did Caleb have a photo of me naked? And why was he showing it to total strangers? “Don’t worry, I didn’t stare… much” he chuckled.

“Anyway” I said, clearing my throat awkwardly.

“Tell me something about yourself”

“Like what?”

“What do you do?”

“I’m a doctor” I smiled.

“You could test my heart” he laughed. “I’m a stage actor”

“Like my sister, then. Sort of”

“What does she do?”

“She’s an opera singer” I smiled.

“I don’t sing” he laughed and I chuckled.

“Shall we order?”

“Sure” he grinned.

I looked at the menu, studying it carefully. I’d never been to this restaurant before, since it was kind of new, and I hoped Martin didn’t mind me taking forever. Eventually I picked something, ordering when the waiter came over, and Martin ordered the same, his attention back on me.

“So…” he trailed off a little awkwardly.

“Any family?” I asked, trying to make conversation.

Martin’s eyes lit up. “A little girl” he said softly. “Well, I can hardly call her too little, she’d tell me off for saying that”

“How old is she?” I asked, laughing a little.

“Ten. Her name is Kitty. What about you?”

“Four kids. Well, three, technically”

“Tell me about it” he hummed.

"Well, Danny and Lily are twins me and my former husband adopted, they're both fifteen now. Lewis isn't technically mine, but my former mother-in-law adopted him. It's a long story why, and he's two years younger than the twins. And then there's Lottie. She's two"

He blinked. “Wow, complicated family” he laughed. “Kitty’s mine blood-wise, but me and her mother… Well, we don’t get along anymore” he explained and I smiled faintly, not sure what to say. “Haven’t dated much since”

"I'd say we're in the same boat, but I have a fabulous string of failed relationships behind me since my husband..."

"I've never got married" he muttered, frowning at the table. "It was better on Kitty during the break up" he said and I nodded slightly. “Anyway, let’s not get depressive” he laughed as our food arrived.

We ate for a while, neither of us really saying anything. I wasn’t entirely sure how this date was going. I mean, we’d talked a bit, but I didn’t really get the feeling it was going all that well.

“So, how’s your job?” Martin asked after a while.

“It’s great” I smiled. “What about yours? It must be a lot more interesting” I laughed faintly.

"Can be. I have a show Friday if you wanna come"

"Sure" I smiled.

"Um... I'll get you tickets then" he said, returning the smile.

"Thanks" I said, going back to my meal. I looked up when I heard Martin sigh. “Something wrong?”


“Sure?” I questioned, concerned I’d done something wrong. After all, things weren’t going as well as other first dates I’d had.

"No, no, there is nothing wrong" he laughed.

I flashed him a smile, but he didn’t return it, going back to his food. We ate in silence again, and I felt real fucking awkward. Did Caleb and Alex really think me and this guy would hit it off?

"...So, how do you know Caleb and Alex?" I asked eventually.

"They came to see one of my shows" Martin shrugged. "Caleb jumped me after saying God knows what"

"Sounds like him" I chuckled.

"Yeah... I would have called security if Alex hadn't shown up" he said and I shot him a questioning look. “Well, he sounded drunk at the time” he explained and I laughed. “You met Caleb in school, right?” he questioned and I nodded. “I’ve not got many friends that I knew in school”

"He's my only friend from school" I laughed slightly, hoping it didn’t make me sound like a loser.

"Must have been something about him"

"Yeah, he thought I was hot" I laughed and Martin chuckled. “I’ll shut up now”

“I think Caleb had a point, though” he said, pointedly, making me blush a little.

He smiled softly at me once we’d finished eating and I smiled back a little shyly.

“Split the bill, then?” he questioned and I nodded, chatting to him while we waited for the bill.

Martin walked me home, stopping and kissing me when we reached the right street. I kissed back and he grinned, kissing me again.

“Better get you home” he said, walking off like nothing had happened.

I chuckled, shaking my head and walking to the house. Martin flashed me a smile when we reached the door, which I returned.

"So... When will I see you again?" he asked.

"When would you like to see me again?" I asked, smirking a little.

He stepped up to me, leaning over me. "I’d like to see you in your bed in a few minutes" he whispered in my ear.

"And risk waking the kids up?" I questioned innocently.

Martin chuckled, kissing me dominantly. I kissed back, stopping him when he tried to move us inside. I wasn’t willing to bring anyone back home, in case it gave the kids the wrong idea. Eventually I managed to convince Martin to take me back to his. I spent the night with him, leaving before he woke up in the morning. I wasn't planning on seeing him again.

The End

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