The day after the wedding, I stuck to my promise of treating the kids to a day in Disneyworld. Apparently you can’t get too old for Disneyworld, since both my fifteen year old babies and little thirteen year old Lewis had a great time. I spoilt them a little when it came to souvenirs and stuff, but I could let it slide this once. After all, how often do you go to Disneyworld?

There was a message waiting for us on the answerphone when we got back, from Lily’s riding school. Apparently there was a show jumping competition coming up that they wanted her to enter, since out of all the riders taught by them, she’d been riding, and more importantly practicing show jumping, the longest. I left it up to Lily to decide, since she’d never taken up show jumping to compete in anything, just for her own enjoyment. Eventually she decided to go for it, and spent most of her free time getting in as much extra practice as possible.

Me and Danny went to cheer her on when the day of the competition arrived, as did Mom and Dad. I don’t think anyone cheered nearly as loud as me when my baby girl won. She spent the rest of the day glowing with pride and spoiling her horse rotten. I treated everyone to a meal that evening, before the three of us stumbled back home to bed. All this excitement is tiring. I was half asleep, and vaguely aware of the sound of someone walking around. I opened one eye, smiling when I saw Maxxie standing in the doorway.

"Something tells me you're gonna have to start a trophy cabinet for her" he said and I chuckled.

"So much for her not wanting to compete in anything" I said, making him laugh. "You should've seen her, she was great"

"I wish I had" he said, smiling faintly.

 "I think Danny or Mom might've filmed it"

"I'll have to start haunting them then" he said, though I could tell he was upset about having missed it.

I laughed anyway, earning a grin from him. Maxxie moved to get into bed with me but I got to my feet, suddenly remembering that I’d taken a picture of Lily with her horse after she’d won. I showed him the picture, feeling pride start to wash over me again.

"What about you, anyway? Won any Oscars up there?" I smiled. I hadn’t dreamt about him in a long time. I’d convinced myself that meant I was finally moving on, but part of me knew I was kidding myself on that one.

"I wish" he laughed. "Missing you and the kids still takes up a lot of my time" he smiled faintly and I stroked his cheek.

"I miss you too"

"I think Cay's the only thing that's stopped me from going insane. I guess getting to know my brother has helped too"

"What's he like?"

"You mean aside from being as stunningly good looking as me?"

"Is he single?" I winked.

"What's that face for?" he laughed.

"Just keeping my options open" I said, chuckling when he punched my arm playfully.

"Try not to get us muddled up when you get here. He might as well have been my twin" he said, making me laugh. “I’m the slightly better looking one, though” he stage whispered.

"I'll keep that in mind" I smiled, his lips meeting mine. "I'm thinking about getting a cat"

"Get a dog"

"Why a dog?"

"Cats aren't friendly enough. Dogs let you play with them"

"Dogs are family pets, though. And it won't be long til the kids are off at college"

"So? It'll keep you better company when they're gone than a cat will"

"You're forgetting how often I'm at the hospital" I chuckled and Maxxie pouted.

"But dogs are so much better"

“I’m a cat person”

“Weirdo. My weirdo” he said, nuzzling me.

I let out a hum, tilting my head as he trailed kisses against my skin.

“How’s Danny doing?” he asked, snuggling up to me.

"He's doing good. He's got himself a job, and if he works out much more, he could probably give Alex a run for his money"

"I'd like to see that" he smiled.

We spent the next few hours just catching up on what we’d missed. The biggest change around the place was Lily and Riley getting together. We’d all known it was going to happen, we just didn’t know how long it’d take them to get their acts together. Lily had had a little shtick at school over it once people found out he was her cousin, but she was a popular girl and the years she’d spend given hell for not only have two fathers, but for one of them being HIV positive, had taught her how to look after herself. She could cut through anyone with a few venomous words, something I’d only ever dreamed of being able to do. Danny, on the other hand, took it badly. He was never much of a target, on account of his size, and he’d earned a kind of unspoken respect from some of the jocks for playing in a few school games when they needed someone, but if anyone ever did give him hell over it, he would lash out. I’d been called in to see the principal on more than one occasion because Danny had beaten someone up over something they’d said.

"She politely informed me that they’re having sex" I said, Maxxie’s eyes widening.

Although, when they’d found the time to, I wasn’t sure. The last time they’d seen each other had been over the summer, and I doubted either of them would have sex in Ava’s house.

"Didn't wanna know"

"Me either"

"She's not allowed to have sex. She's too young"

"She is sixteen" I shrugged.

"Too young"

"And how old were you?" I questioned, prodding him when he pretended not to hear me.

"Fourteen but that's not the point"

"Hypocrite" I laughed and he let out a whine.

"But she's still like six in my head"

I cuddled up to him, sensing his sadness again. After all, his little girl had grown up without him. I guess it hurt him more because, after all, she was his little girl. I mean, she was my baby too, but Maxxie meant more to her than I did. It sucked to know, but I only had myself to blame for it.

"Reckon Danny ever will?" I asked after a while.

Danny had enough personality issues as it was. I couldn’t help but be worried about my boy. He hadn’t really shown an interest in sex or relationships or anything, unlike Lewis who still seemed to be trying to win Danny’s affection.

“When he's ready, I guess"

"I s'pose" I said, still not entirely convinced.

"You didn't until you met me. Maybe Danny needs to meet someone he likes enough too?"

"Lewis and Beau'll be heartbroken" I chuckled.

"Really?" he asked and I nodded.

"Beau's always been sweet for him, and Lewis follows him around like a puppy"

"I wonder if he'll end up with one of them"

"Maybe" I hummed. I glanced at him, reading his expression. “Maxxie, he’s about as queer as my mother” I said and he pouted. “What?” I laughed.

"Alex never seemed like he'd turn out queer and he's married to ginger now"

"You almost seem like you'd be upset if he turned out straight"

"No" he laughed.

"Good" I smiled.

"Wouldn't mind another queer in the family though" he winked.

"You're terrible" I tutted.

"But you love me"

"I do" I smiled. "You know I do"

I leant up, kissing him softly. He opened his mouth to speak, but I pressed a finger to his lips, silencing him. I kissed him again, undoing his shirt and trailing kisses down his chest. 

The End

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