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It barely felt like any time had passed between Lottie’s birthday and the kids’ birthdays. My little babies were one year older, and were both on their way towards finishing their Freshman year of high school. Lewis was more than excited about getting to be reunited with Danny in school, though he didn’t seem that bothered that he wouldn’t be seeing Lily so much. See, Lily had taken up my offer of going to a private high school, whereas Danny had been happy to carry on being State schooled. Lily was still riding and acting, and Danny had finally found something to focus on other than video games; working out. While Lily had asked for some new riding gear for her birthday, Danny had asked for some weights and other sort of gym stuff.

A few weeks after their birthday, the kids and me were sat down on the couch, trying to agree on a movie to watch, when there was some breaking news thing on the TV. Apparently Alex had campaigned long and hard enough that the State had given in and granted equal marriage rights. I sent him a text congratulating him on the success, jokingly asking when the wedding was. Little did I know the second there’d been the slightest hint that they were going to get equal rights, Caleb had started planning everything. He didn’t even care that he hadn’t been proposed to before he started planning. For all I knew, Alex hadn’t actually proposed and Caleb had just assumed the wedding was on.

A few months later, and all of Caleb and Alex’s nearest and dearest were gathered at Disneyworld. Trust him to get married at fucking Disneyworld. Caleb had held back on the glitter and sparkles that I knew he must’ve been dying to have, and was dressed quite simply in a fitted suit, much like the one I’d worn. Alex was dressed in a matching suit, and didn’t seem to mind the location, or the fact that Mickey and Minnie Mouse were two of the guests. Caleb practically skipped down the aisle, bouncing a little as the two of them said their vows.  Needless to say, when Alex was allowed to kiss his bride, the two of them stood there making out for a good five minutes, at least. Not that I’d expected any less, of course.

Alex carried Caleb down the aisle once they managed to leave each other alone for more than a few minutes, and soon enough the evening was upon us, and Caleb and Alex were having an equally magical reception.  Caleb made it his top priority to make sure that everyone got very drunk, promising them a hotel room for the night if they told him they had to drive home that night. Everyone gave in eventually, with the exception of Caleb’s mother, who sat sulking in the corner the whole time. Even after all these years, she still didn’t approve of Alex, despite everything he’d done to make her son happy. Caleb dragged Alex over to see me and the kids, one of whom was still sulking about not being asked to be a bridesmaid. I’ll leave you to guess which one I mean.

“Congratulations” I said with a smile as Caleb hugged me.

“Thanks” Alex grinned back. I don’t think he’d stopped grinning all day.

“It’s Bunny’s turn next, right?” Caleb asked.

"Yup" Alex said.

"I don't think that's going to happen" I chuckled faintly.

"Why not?"

"I'm not exactly dating material now, am I?"

"Sure you are. You'll find someone that doesn't care if you've got sprogs" he laughed.

"I didn't mean 'cause of them"

"Well then what's stopping you?"

"I just don't think I'm dating material" I shrugged and he punched my shoulder lightly.

"You are if you're open to it" he said and I arched an eyebrow at him. "Karen didnt think she was dating material either"

"That's different"


"She doesn't have as much emotional baggage as me"

"Maybe not. It's not really my place to say" he smiled faintly.

"What d'you mean?"

"Dude, you met Maxxie's dad"

"Yeah, but he didn't die"

"Her son did" he countered and my gaze shot to the floor. He sighed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like an ass. I'm just saying she's not had it easy either. You should at least give it a go. You never know who you'll find"

"The last three relationships I've had haven't exactly been successes, though, have they?"

"Don't give up, Bunny"  he said, making me sigh ever so slightly.

"I'm thirty six, no one's gonna want me in a couple years" I said as he wrapped me in a hug.

"Well, someone married me, there's hope for us all" he laughed.

"That doesn't count, you and ginger were already going out"

"I'm still a lot older than him"

"Not the point"

"Well, put it this way, you won't know if you don't try, and moping around isn't going to solve anything. You need to get out there and find someone that'll be good for you"

"Out where? Everyone's either taken or an asshole"

"Get involved with the people you work with more, make friends with new people. Hell, you can try internet dating"

"The people I work with are all women, and I've kinda gone off them" I laughed.

"What about their friends?"

I shrugged. "All women or straight"

"They must know someone. Surely there's a fag hag that knows a few gay guys?"

"Not on my ward, or they'd stick to me like glue" I laughed.

"True. Isn't there any way to get to know people on other wards?"

"Probably" I shrugged.

“Then get to know them"

"You're forgetting bunny's not too good with new people" Caleb said, apparently sensing my lack of enthusiasm for a work relationship. He turned to Alex. "Don't you know anyone bunny can date?"

Alex thought about it. "I guess I could ask around if you want”

"He's moping, I don't think his opinion counts for anything right now"

"Don't be mean" Alex said, turning to me. "I'll see what I can do, but it's really up to you"

"I don't mind" I said.

"Ginger can help me" he said cheerfully.

"Can I?" Caleb questioned.

"I've just spent the last god knows how long fighting for the right for our marriage to be legal, the least you can do is help me find someone for bunny

"How do you suggest we trial them?" Caleb giggled.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm starting to think shagging everything in sight should be some kind of medical disorder"

"Why's that?" Alex asked.

"Because you two don't seem to be able to stop"

Alex pouted. "It's not hurting anyone"

"I never said it was" I chuckled.

"Then it's not a problem" he said happily.

"Only boring people screw the same person over and over again" Caleb said, poking his tongue out at me and ignoring the glare I shot at him.

"You've screwed me over and over again" Alex said to Caleb innocently.

"Not just you, though, so it's okay" Caleb said, making Alex laugh.

"D'you ever think about stopping?" I asked and Alex shook his head. "Why not?"

"Keeps it interesting" he shrugged.

"Tell you what, you guys go a whole month without screwing anyone else, and I'll go on a date with whoever you suggest" I offered and Alex looked at Caleb.

"Even if they have a beer gut and a bald spot?" Caleb questioned and I nodded. An evil look spread across Caleb’s face. “Deal”

I chose to ignore the evil look, flashing the both of them a smile, which they both returned. I congratulated them on getting married again, and Alex thanked me again. I let the two of them go off and see other people, and pretended not to notice when they snuck off for a quickie. I did my best to entertain the kids, promising them wed spend the next day enjoying Disneyworld to the max, since Lewis hadn’t been there before.

Alex and Caleb came back, not bothering to hide the fact they’d just fucked each other’s brains out. Congrats, guys.

The End

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