Gay BarMature

I waited on the couch in my drunken mess, hearing the old man tell the kids that Papa was going out, and giving them all cookies to keep them distracted. I let Alex in when he arrived, going off to find the kids. I found Lily first, hugging her tightly and giving her a big sloppy kiss on the cheek that she pretended to be grossed out by, but I knew from experience that she appreciated it. I found Danny and Lewis sat together, and wrapped the both of them in an equally tight hug, giving them the same sloppy kisses. Lewis honestly seemed a little confused by it, but Danny seemed to appreciate it the same as Lily. I stumbled back over to Alex, who helped me into the car, where Caleb was waiting. I sat in the back with Caleb, flopping my head down in his lap.

"Is he okay?" I heard him ask Alex.

"He's drunk because the kids know about sex"

"Don't they teach that in schools anyway?"

"He didn't say what they know" Alex laughed.

"They know what you two get up to" I said and Alex laughed again.

"Well they were gonna find out one day"

"Poor baby" Caleb said, playing with my hair til we got to whatever bar Alex had taken us to. Probably a gay bar. I hate gay bars.

"You don't look like you need to drink anymore y'know" Alex said, as I just about manage to stumble out of the car and towards the bar.

"I do. I do, because I want sex” I said, grinning when Alex laughed.

Alex asked why I didn’t just ask him and Caleb for sex, like the answer wasn’t obvious.

"'Cause you and him are like married" I explained.


"So you're not s'posed to fuck other people" After all, that had been Maxxie and Cayden’s downfall.

"Well we do, so what's the problem?" he laughed.

"You shouldn't"

"Why not?" he asked, and I saw him shoot Caleb a confused look.

"'Cause you just shouldn't" I said and Caleb kissed my cheek.

I made my way over to the bar, ordering myself something strong and glaring at Alex when he shook his head at the bartender.

"You are drunk enough" he laughed.

"No m'not"

"You won't be able to remember the sex when you pull" he said and I shrugged.

"Doesn't bother me" I said and he tutted. "What?"

"Well don't drink too much, 'kay? I don't wanna have to drag you off to the ER" he said, letting me get whatever it was I’d ordered. I think it was whiskey.

Caleb got himself a nice, girly cocktail, and Alex got himself the typical man’s drink; beer. I made out with the first pretty thing that paid me any attention, and I noticed that Alex was happy to stick with Caleb for once. I didn’t really care that I was being a slut, I was allowed to go wild once in a while, wasn’t I? I made out with my pretty thing for a little while longer, before informing Alex and Caleb that we were heading to the back room with whatever my pretty thing was called. If he’d told me his name, I’d forgotten it by then. I noticed Alex drag Caleb in there after me, treating the ginger to a blowjob while whatever his name was gave me the fucking of a life time. Okay, so it wasn’tthatgood, but that was probably because I was drunk. Or because he wasn’t Maxxie. I’d barely finished with whatever his name was, when I went off in search of someone else. It’s funny how much attention a drunk, single guy’ll get in a place like this. I had my way with three or four more guys before deciding to call it a night, letting Alex and Caleb know I was done. I grinned down at them when they looked up from rutting like wild animals.

"Happy now?" Alex laughed, keeping up a steady rhythm. I nodded. "You're welcome to join us" he said, and I treated the ginger to a blowjob. Why not, eh?

I swallowed when he came, with Alex following suit not long after. I saw him slide a condom off, chucking it somewhere and pulling his pants up, same as Caleb. I saw Caeb glare at Alex, but I didn’t know why.

"Let's get bunny home" Alex said, spanking Caleb.

The ginger helped me out of the bar, since I definitely wasn’t steady on my feet anymore, and I lay in the back of the car with him again on the way back to Karen’s. I was vaguely aware of someone rambling about how much fun being drunk was, and how much they missed Maxxie and Cayden, and it took me a few minutes to realise it was me that was rambling. Caleb played with my hair, and I heard Alex laugh as I said something about how Cayden’s lifestyle was fun. I asked him to take me out again next weekend, and he agreed, rubbing my back when I puked on the sidewalk the second I got out of the car. I stopped throwing up after a while, and fumbled with the spare key I had for Karen’s. I thanked Alex when he unlocked the door for me, giving him a goodbye kiss. I gave Caleb the same treatment, enjoying the fact that he liked me enough to French me even though my mouth probably tasted vile. I stumbled off inside, hearing Alex threaten Caleb with no sex if he didn’t brush his teeth, and near enough jumped out of my skin when Karen asked if I’d had fun.

"Don't scare me like that" I said innocently.

"Sorry" she said, handing me a glass of water.

I thanked her, earning a smile as I sipped at the contents.

"So, did you have fun?" she repeated and I nodded. "The kids are in bed, so try to be quiet"

I nodded again, shuffling upstairs. I know I should’ve let them sleep, but in my incredibly inebriated state, I wanted to be with my babies. I found Danny and Lewis first, the both of them cuddled up to each other in Lewis’ bed, and I attempted to fit myself in the bed. The both of them woke up a little at that, and Danny curled up to try and make more space. Lewis shuffled to the edge of the bed and Danny scooted over a bit, and before we knew it, we’d all managed to fit, even if it was a bit of a squeeze. I felt Danny’s arms wrap around my torso, and I pulled Lewis into the snuggle, feeling his hands against my stomach from where he was still cuddling Danny. I reminded them that I loved them very much, hearing Lewis say he loved me too, before promptly falling asleep.

The End

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