John had agreed to look after the kids for me, and had even told me to relax and enjoy myself if I found someone I liked the look of while I was out. I couldn’t help but wonder if he ever said the same thing to Cayden, or if it was just something he’d learned to say as a precaution because of Cayden. Either way, I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about it. I suppose if Alex and Caleb didn’t know anything about it, then I could just pretend like it’d never been said.

Alex gave me a bro hug when I eventually arrived at the gay bar, and Caleb gave me the usual smooch to say hello. I thanked Alex as he got me a drink, watching as the two of them admired all the almost naked guys. I’d like to point out that Caleb was included in this group.

"Don't you two get enough?" I laughed.

"There's no such thing as enough, Bunny boy" Alex informed me and I rolled my eyes.”You’re just jealous” he grinned.

"Really?" I scowled.

"Go enjoy the celebrations" he ordered, tweaking my nipple ever so slightly and I slapped his hand playfully.

"I'm on my best behaviour"

"Even though it's pride?" he asked, sticking his tongue out playfully.

"Especially because it's pride" I laughed and he tutted at me. “What?”

"Aren't married people so boring?" he winked, cuddling Caleb from behind.

"But Bunny's not married now" Caleb said, confused.

"He might as well be" Alex laughed.

"Sorry, guys, can't help being into monogamy" I said.

"Suit yourself. More for us"

"You mean more for me, old man" Caleb teased. “Poor baby”

Alex said that I should babysit Caleb while he went off to find someone else to fuck, since Caleb didn’t deserve it now, but Caleb gave him the finger, slinking off to find someone pretty. I was expecting Alex to go off as well, but he stayed with me, chattering away until he led me off to dance. I still wasn’t much of a dancer, and I pouted as Alex teased me for it. His lips met mine briefly.

"You love me" he said.

"I don't know about that" I smirked, laughing when he faked this hurt expression.

"I should teach you a lesson for that, bunny boy" he growled in my ear, pulling me in kind of close.

I licked his ear, tilting my head when he started nibbling at the skin on my neck. I let out a hum as he gripped my hips.

"Still on your best behaviour?" he asked.

"Mhm" I said, and he squeezed my hips.

"What if I were to teach you that lesson anyway?"

"I'd tell you to follow Caleb's example. There's plenty of willing victims out there" I said, nodding at all the nearly naked men.

"But none of them have been mean to me"

“Get them to guess your age” I said, smiling when he scowled at me.

“What did I ever do to deserve so much abuse from you and ginger?”

“No idea, but it must’ve been something terrible” I said and he nodded. “Anyway, go have some fun” I smiled.

“And leave you to defend your monogamy alone?” he teased, poking his tongue out.

“I think I can manage” I laughed and he chuckled.

“Come find me if you get bored or harassed” he winked, disappearing off into the crowd.

I stayed by the bar, turning down anyone that asked to buy me a drink, but something didn’t feel right. Why was I there? I wasn’t there to find someone to fuck, unlike Caleb and Alex were for the most part, and I wasn’t particularly there to have a good time. Bars weren’t exactly my scene, especially gay bars, and I’d probably have had a better time at home with John and the kids. I turned down a few more guys, until I just gave in. The next guy that asked to buy me a drink could do whatever the fuck he wanted. I was tired, and fed up, and I wanted to go home, but I couldn’t leave this early on. Alex and Caleb would never let me live it down, for starters.

I think the next guy that spoke to me was called Phil. I’m not too sure. Either way, it wasn’t long before I was being led into the bathroom. This place had a back room, but neither of us fancied the idea of fucking in a room full of other guys fucking. Forgive me for not being an exhibitionist. I stumbled out of the bathroom once the both of us were done, knowing full well it was painfully obvious that I’d just gotten a good fucking. I’d all but rushed out of the bathroom when he’d pulled out, pulling my pants up as I went. I guess part of me felt guilty, because in my eyes, I’d just cheated on John, despite being given permission to fuck someone else. Part of me kind of felt like Cayden… He must’ve been so lonely…

Alex was stood at the bar chatting up some guy that looked about half his age. I left him to it, getting myself a drink. Bourbon on the rocks; I needed something strong. I heard Alex tell the guy to meet him in the back room, looking at me once he’d gone.

"So who managed to talk their way into your pants?" he asked.


"Someone got in your pants" he grinned slightly. "Who was it?"

"Oh, just some guy" I shrugged and he let out a laugh.

"You slut"

I frowned a little at that. I didn’t exactly take too kindly to being called a slut, but I couldn’t help but wonder how many times Cayden had been called it in his short lifetime. And I don’t mean in jest, or as a matter of fact, I meant as an insult.

"What? You know I'm kidding" he said, kissing my cheek, but it didn’t lift the frown from my brow.


"What's that look for?"

"I dunno. I'm just in a weird mood" He shot me a questioning look, but I shrugged it off. "Don't worry about it, go enjoy yourself"

"No, c'mon, tell me what's wrong"

"Nothing's wrong" I insisted, but he still looked concerned. "I'm fine" I smiled. "Now I'd get in there before Caleb steals your plaything" I chuckled and he let out a laugh.

"Come find me if you need me, 'kay?" he said, dancing off when I nodded.

I stuck around long enough to finish my drink and just ended up heading back to John’s. I let myself in quietly, not wanting to wake anyone up, and locked the door behind me. I didn’t know why I was in such a fucky mood. Maybe it was something to do with what’d been said about the kids earlier on, or maybe it was because I’d technically cheated on John. I dunno, but I felt awful. I took my shoes off, undoing a couple buttons on my shirt, and crept into the kids’ room. They had to share when we stayed at John’s but they didn’t seem to mind. I sat myself down on the floor, leaning against the wall, and just watched them sleep like I used to when they were little.

I heard someone knocking on the door a few hours later, and got up to see who it was, hoping it wouldn’t wake John or any of the kids up. I was met by the sight of a worried looking Alex, and a grumpy looking Caleb. Judging by the state of him, he’d been interrupted in the middle of one thing or another, and I got the feeling I’d have to make it up to him.

"There you are" Alex said, relief washing over his features. I arched an eyebrow at him. "You vanished without telling anyone where you were going"

"Sorry. I just wanted to go home"

"It's okay, but maybe you could text next time?" he laughed faintly and I nodded. "You alright?" he asked and I nodded again, knowing I probably hadn’t convinced him.

"Have fun?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, thanks" he smiled. "You?"

"I s'pose"

"Maybe next year will be better"


"Well, I hope you feel better soon" he smiled faintly and I nodded a little, heading back inside once we’d said our goodbyes.

I wasn’t exactly planning on going to pride again.

The End

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