I Don't Like BeauMature

I’d been going out with John for a few months when Lewis asked if he could sleep over. See, me and the kids had been spending a lot of time at John’s, since the kids already knew and got on with Beau, and I guess after spending some time with him as more than a friend, maybe I was starting tolikeJohn. Don’t get me wrong, we still went to see Lewis, but I guess he was feeling left out or something. So I okayed it with John, and picked Lewis up that weekend.

I took him and the kids to John’s and couldn’t help noticing Lewis sort of sticking to Danny the whole time. I greeted John with a kiss, snuggling into him a little, and saw Beau stick to Danny’s other side. Poor Lily. Danny, on the other hand, seemed blissfully unaware of the two kids fighting over him. John and me left the kids to their own devices, settling down together on the couch and watching something on TV while we just chatted about life. Well, we didn’t until Beau came and complained at us that Lewis was refusing to let her play with Danny. I caught sight of Lewis and told him to let Beau and Lily join in.

"No. They can go play their girly games" he said.

"Lewis, be nice"

"I don't want them to play" he sulked.

"Why not?"


"'Cause?" I questioned, sighing when he gave me a look that said ‘you know why’.

Lewis snuggled into Danny a little, and since Danny was completely oblivious, he was more than happy to snuggle back. Beau glared at him a little as he buried his head in Danny’s neck. Danny leant his head on top of Lewis’ and Beau complained at us some more. I saw Lewis wait til Beau was looking before pressing his lips to Danny’s. Now, what with Beau being bigger and stronger than Lewis given that she was two years older than him, she marched over to him and pulled him off Danny angrily.

"Beau, that wasn't very nice" John said.

"Don't care" she said angrily, making John frown.

"She hurt me" Lewis said, crying. I could tell the tears were fake, but I don’t think John could.

Beau rolled her eyes. "I didn't hurt him"

Lewis kept crying, clinging to Danny when he cuddled him. Danny kissed the top of Lewis’ head, and John marched Beau off to tell her off.

"Lewis, can I speak to you in private?" I said, a serious look on my face. His lower lip wobbled, but he didn’t move. “Lewis” I said a little more sternly and he shuffled after me. "Lewis, if you're going to behave like that, I'll have to take you home"

"Behave like what?" he asked sulkily.

"You know how" I said, still being all stern.

"I don't like Beau"

"That's fair enough, but Danny and Lily do"

"What if she steals Danny from me?" he said and I sighed. "I don't want her to like Danny, and I don't want Danny to like her either"

I cuddled him a little and he buried his face in my chest. I’ll admit, I was getting a little fed up of the whole Danny and Lewis thing. I’d never say it to Lewis’ face, but he really needed to just forget about it and move on.

"Being an ass to her won't help, though" I said.

"What m'I s'posed to do?" he mumbled.

"I don't know, kiddo" I said, playing with his hair while he carried on sulking. I let out a tiny frustrated sigh. "Lewis, I know it doesn't seem like it, but believe me, you'll like other people as you get older"

"I won't"

"You will, sweetie"

"Even if I like someone else, I'll always like him" he said grumpily.

I kissed the top of his head, but he kept sulking, scampering off on his own, no doubt to go and annoy Beau some more. Jesus Christ.

The End

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