I went to see Alex and Caleb the next day once the kids were at school. Alex had given me a spare key after the arm breaking and I let myself in, knowing they were probably in the middle of something. Thankfully they weren’t, though they were relaxing on the couch in the nude.

"I see nothing's changed in Alex and Caleb land” I chuckled and Caleb grinned at me.

"Of course it hasn't" Alex grinned and I flopped down on the couch. “How’re you doing?”

"Okay. I get the feeling I don't need to ask how you two are doing"

"Well you're lucky I'm awake, put it that way" he said and I laughed.

"He's getting old" Caleb said and Alex pouted.

"It's not that I'm getting old, it's that I have an insatiable ginger to keep happy"

"A ginger who's nearly ten years younger than you" he giggled.

"Shut it"

"You must be hitting the big four-oh soon" Caleb said, still giggling.

"Fuck you, short ass, I'm only thirty seven"

"Only three short years away, though" he said and Alex glared at him. "Unlike myself, who has ten more years" he grinned.

"You're only as old as you feel, and I do not feel old" Alex said, still glaring.

"In that case, you're fucking a teenager all over again" Caleb grinned again.


"An underage one, at that"

"Ah but in my head I'm still a teenager too, so it's fine"

"Trust me, sweetie, you're not a teenager"

"Want me to prove you wrong?"

"I wouldn't want you to embarrass yourself"

"Get in bed then. I'll hardly embarrass myself"

"Ahem" I cleared my throat.

"What?" Alex asked and I waved.

"Still here" I said, laughing a little.

"You can join us if you like" he said and I rolled my eyes.

"For once I've come here on serious business"

"We don't do serious here, you should know that" Caleb said and Alex shot me a curious look.

"How do you guys feel about kids?" I asked.

"Kids?" Alex repeated and I nodded.

"Kids are noisy and messy" Caleb said.

"Like yourself then" Alex said, earning himself a glare. "What? Have you seen the state this place isalwaysin?" he asked, ruffling Caleb’s hair when the ginger glared at him even more. "You're just a big kid. It's cute though. You know how I feel about cute"

Caleb seemed content with that, snuggling up to him.

Alex snuggled back, looking at me. "Why are we being asked how we feel on kids anyway? Your sprogs got the better of you?"

"Not exactly"


"It's Lewis"

"What about him?"

"He wants to stay with me, but I can't handle three kids"

"He barely knows us"

"I know" I sighed a little. "I just don't want him rotting in some care home for years"

Alex thought about it for a while. "It's up to gay face really. I wouldn't mind I guess. Apart from the limits on sex"

"Why is it up to me?" Caleb asked, a horrified look on his face.

"'Kids are noisy and messy'"

"Yeah, but I can't make decisions"

"You don't have to take him. I can ask Mom or John or something" I said.

"We could always take him in for a test run once we get to know him better" Alex offered.

"It's up to you"


"What?" Caleb asked innocently.

"What d'you think?"

"I dunno"

"I can't make a decision for both of us without your input babe" Alex kissed his cheek and the ginger leant his head on Alex’s shoulder.

"I know, I just..."

"You just?" Alex asked, kissing his head.

"I just don't think we're parenting material"

"We can try though?"

"I don't mind"

Alex played with his hair. "Why don't we leave it up to the kid? He might not even wanna stay with us"

"'Kay" Caleb said and Alex smiled.

"Thanks, guys" I said, relieved.

"No worries"

"Shall I leave you to your, uh..." I trailed off, chuckling.

"Up to you. Like I said, you're welcome to join in" Alex said, and Caleb was already trying to get me out of my pants.

"I'd love to, but I've got stuff to do"

"If you're sure" Alex said and I nodded, trying to get up even though there was a Caleb in the way.

Alex reined Caleb in, pulling him down on his lap and grinding up into his hips a little when the ginger pouted.

"Bunny can join us another day, gorgeous" Alex said but Caleb kept pouting.

"I want Bunny now"

"Well that's up to bunny"

Caleb flashed me the puppy eyes and I whined, giving in eventually. So instead of spending the day going through legal stuff and trying to figure out how to suggest this arrangement to Lewis, I spent it being dragged around Alex and Caleb’s place in various threesomes. Caleb cuddled me possessively once we’d all called it quits, and Alex was cuddled up to the ginger sleepily.

"My Bunny" Caleb said, sleep glazing his eyes.

Alex nestled his head in Caleb’s neck and soon enough the two of them were fast asleep. I got up silently, getting dressed and tiptoeing out of the place to go and get the kids from school.

The End

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