The three of us headed off to a bar, and Alex instantly bought some pretty young lady a drink. Caleb, on the other hand, instantly had a drink bought for him. As for me, I just stood there awkwardly. I wasn’t really sure why I’d agreed to go. I guess I just wanted to spend some time with my friends for once. Alex seemed to notice what I was doing, and pointed me out to a few young ladies. They gave up when I didn’t really show much interest. I wasn’t bothered about winning the bet, I was more interested in not getting my ass kicked by Sarah when I got home. And if I went home with lipstick on my collar or whatever, I’d definitely get my ass kicked.

I looked around for Caleb, and caught sight of him perched in some guy’s lap, flirting with another guy at the same time. I saw Alex acting the part of the enticing slightly older gentleman, and could tell they were both as determined as each other to win. I sat myself down at the bar, not too far from Caleb, and bought myself another drink. Well, I was about to, when someone offered to buy one for me. I turned around to thank them for the offer but politely decline, but I froze when I caught sight of them. Blonde hair, green eyes, toned... For a second, I almost thought it was Maxxie. But then he spoke again, and his Texas accent brought me back to reality.

“Hey there, I’m Carter” he smiled.

“Hadley” I said, feeling Alex’s eyes on me.

“Come here often?” Carter asked, buying me a beer.

I shook my head. “Not really”

“So, does your partner know you’re here?”
“Huh?” I asked, confused. How did he know I wasn’t single? He gestured at my wedding ring. “Oh, that. We’re not together anymore”

It wasn’t exactly a lie. I just failed to mention that I had a girlfriend.

Carter smiled. “Good. I thought I was gonna end up disappointed for a second there” he chuckled. “So, did you wanna get outta here?”

“Depends where you were thinking of going”

“Well, your place’d be best. I only just moved here, so my apartment’s a mess”

I shook my head again. “I don’t want to wake my kids up”

A thoughtful look flashed across Carter’s face before he grabbed my hand, pulling me into the bathroom. His lips met mine as he manoeuvred us into one of the stalls, making short work of my pants. Before I knew it, I was lubed and stretched, and Carter had me pinned up against the stall wall. I made a huge embarrassment of myself by moaning out Maxxie’s name, but Carter either didn’t hear or didn’t mind since he asked when he could see me again. I vaguely told him soon, and headed back out to the bar after fixing my hair.

Eventually Alex and Caleb had had their fill, taking me back to theirs with them. The second they were through the door, Caleb dropped a huge pile of numbers on the floor.

"And I got a blowjob and an invite back to some guy's place" he said proudly.

Alex dropped a smaller pile next to Caleb’s. "I'm expected in a threesome with a rather lovely couple in about half an hour"

"Wait, we were allowed to fuck other people?"

Alex shrugged. "We are now. I love you, but there is no way I am abandoning this threesome"

"Asshole, why didn't you tell me?" Caleb pouted.

"Take up the invite then" Alex grinned. "Or join me"

"I'll take up the invite, thank you. Is this threesome a guy threesome or a girl threesome?"

"A guy and a girl"


"Suit yourself"

I couldn’t help being a little amused when Caleb, who had proudly identified as bisexual for most of his life, grumbled something about “ladyparts” being icky, before turning to me.

"You're very quiet" he said.

"Am I?" I asked and he nodded. “Oh”

"Who was that guy you disappeared off with?" Alex asked.

"Oh, no one" I said a little hurriedly, hoping he hadn’t noticed just how much Carter resembled Maxxie.

Alex arched an eyebrow at me, but I stayed silent, and Caleb went off to accept his invite.

"Want me to drop you off home, Hadley?" Alex asked.

"Sure. Let me know which one of you wins" I laughed quietly.

"I got a threesome. Clearly it was me"

"Somehow I think Caleb'll find a way to fight you on that til you give in and say he won"

"Probably" he said and I smiled faintly. "I hope you had fun tonight"

"You too"

"Give me a ring if you need me" he said and I nodded, returning the smile he flashed me.


Once I was back home, I let myself in rather nervously. If I was lucky, Sarah would be fast asleep in bed and I could sneak in, slide in next to her and she’d never know what I’d been up to. But this is me. I tried to be as quiet as possible when I saw her still up, watching TV, but she heard me, looking over in my direction where I was busy trying to sneak past.

"Where've you been" she asked.

"At Caleb and Alex's"

She walked over to me. "You smell like a bar"

"Yeah, we went for a couple drinks"

"You should've called, I made you dinner" she said and I could see it sat being cold on the dinner table.


"Should be" she said, slapping me.

My gaze flicked to the floor, and I took it when she punched me. I was used to this by now.

"I wish you'd told me" she said.


I looked up as Sarah stroked my cheek. She pressed her lips to mine and I kissed back, knowing I’d only make things worse if I didn’t.

"Wanna go to bed?"

"Uh..." I trailed off, not sure what to say. Usually when Sarah wanted to go to bed, it was because she wanted sex.

"C'mon" she said, taking my hand and leading me up to bed.

She snuggled up to me, her hand sliding south and palming me, but apparently she could tell I wasn’t in the mood, asking me what was wrong.

"I'm just not in the mood" I lied, smiling a little. Well I could hardly tell her I wasn’t in the mood because I’d cheated on her with someone that just happened to look like my husband, now could I?

"Oh" she said grumpily, moving away from me.

"Sorry" I said, kissing her shoulder. “Sorry” I repeated when she finally looked at me.

"I'm going to sleep now"


She rolled over, and I couldn’t quite tell if she was actually asleep or not. I felt bad, but I couldn’t help that the slightest bit of guilt had destroyed my libido. I knew I’d probably live to regret it, but until then, I was content to just sleep. 

The End

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