We stayed in Australia for a couple days after the wedding, enjoying being back home. I knew Mom and Dad were thinking about moving back out once they both retired, but I knew part of Mom wouldn’t want to leave her baby all alone in the States. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted them to be happy, but I guess I wanted them to stick around too.


Around a month after the wedding, I finally started thinking about taking Sarah to meet my parents. I’d kind of been holding back in case things went pear shaped, but given that me and Sarah had been together five months by then, I liked my odds. The two of us were both snuggled up in bed when I finally decided to mention it to her.

"So, I was thinking we could go see my parents this weekend"


"If you wanted to, I mean"

"Sure. I'll finally get to meet your parents" she smiled and I smiled back.

"I'll warn you now, they take some getting used to"

"Can't be worse than my parents" she laughed.

"Do I ever get to meet them?"

"If you're brave enough"

"They can't be that bad" I chuckled.

"One of their kids is in jail and their other's got a kid from an abusive dick. What kinda parents d'you think they are?"

"I stand by what I say, I'm not one to judge"

Sarah shrugged. "you can meet them if you really want I guess. They don't live here though"

"Where do they live?"


"That's not too far" I smiled and Sarah kind of smiled back. Well that’s promising. "Either way, we'll get mine out of the way first. You'll need a vacation afterwards"

"Really?" she laughed and I nodded. "Why?"

"They're very... eccentric"

"Eccentric how?"

"They're Australian, that should say enough" I laughed and she smiled. "They just take some getting used to, that's all"

"I'll be fine"


Skip to the weekend, and I was getting that familiar nervous feeling in my stomach that I hadn’t felt since I’d taken Eden to meet my folks. We dropped the kids off at Alex and Caleb’s so they were out of the way, and Caleb, asshole that he is, justhadto give me a good luck kiss, complete with tongue. Sarah looked away and we headed off again once Caleb was done with me. Sarah was kind of quiet on the drive over, though.

"Are you okay?" I asked, smiling.

"Yeah" she smiled back.


"Just nervous. What if they don't like me?"

"Of course they'll like you" I said, leaning over to kiss her.

When we got there, Mom practically burst out the front door like something from a horror movie, wrapping me in a hug and introducing herself to Sarah. And judging by the look on Sarah’s face, my mother clearly wasn’t what she was expecting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Mom invited Sarah inside once she was done introducing herself, going and making herself busy in the kitchen like usual as we went to meet Dad. He was sat reading a magazine on fishing when we headed into the living room, and he introduced himself, not being as loud as Mom. He smiled when Sarah introduced herself, getting her some juice when he asked if she wanted anything. He sat back down, and we sat on the couch, listening to him chattering away about one thing or another, and asking Sarah the odd question here and there, which she answered politely. We made our way over to the dinner table when Mom announced that dinner was ready, bringing out one of her famous pasta dishes.

"So, Sarah, what do you do?" Mom asked with a smile once everyone had something to eat.

"I just work in a shop. It's not exactly glamorous but I get by"

Mom nodded a little. "Which shop?"

"Just one of the drugstores in town"

“I'll have to stop by and say hi next time I need anything" she said and Sarah gave her a faint smile. "So, how did you meet Hadley?"

"He saved my son's life" Sarah smiled, making me blush.

"I've already told you, I was just doing my job" I said.

"Still amazing to me" she said, kissing me.

"It's a shame Cayden never went to college, he could've done a lot better than working for Brent" Mom said and this curious look flicked across Sarah’s face.

"He could've, but he was happy there" I said.

"I know, I just... Well, you're practically a mother now, you should know how it feels to want the best for your kids"

"Mom" I whined. I’m not a mother.

"What did Cayden do?" Sarah asked.

"He worked in a bookstore in the day, and he got paid to make famous people look good at night" I explained.


"Oh, did Ava tell you the news?" Dad said, finally getting involved in the conversation.

"She's not pregnant again, is she?" I asked, arching an eyebrow.

"No, no, she's not squeezing another one out. She got an audition with some composer guy or something"

"That's great" I smiled, knowing Mom’d be proud.

I held Sarah’s hand when she went all quiet, wondering what was going through her head.

"Anyway, you said you had a son. What's his name?" Mom asked, getting back on track.


"How old is he?"


Mom smiled and Sarah smiled back, complimenting Mom’s cooking. Mom, in true motherly fashion, insisted it was just something she threw together in a hurry, when both me and Dad knew she would’ve been slaving over it all day to make sure it was perfect.

Sarah didn’t know what to say to that, so Mom asked how long we’d been together.

"Around five months" I said, about to take a bite of my pasta.

"You and Max were nearly married by then, weren't you?"

"Uh, yeah, I think so" I said, pretending like I couldn’t remember and being more than aware of the fact Sarah had gone all quiet again.

"I stop by his grave every now and then. Put some flowers down, things like that. You should go more often"

"I will"

"Y'know, it seems like it was only yesterday Cayden was in here introducing me to him" Mom said to Sarah.

"Does it?" Sarah said and Mom nodded.

"Strange to think it's been ten years now"

"I bet" she said, sounding like she didn’t really care.

Mom went off on a rant about how all her babies had grown up and had babies of their own, and I could tell Sarah wasn’t exactly listening. I’d say I couldn’t blame her, but she could’ve at least tried. Mom asked Sarah a few more things about herself, eventually getting the photos out once we were done with dinner. There were photos of me all up to the wedding, and Mom made a point of showing Sarah who Cayden was and what he looked like, along with commenting on just how adorable I looked in a suit.

"Anyway, I suppose you two have things to be doing, so I'll let you go now" Mom laughed when Sarah flashed her a smile.

Sarah let out a quiet laugh. "It was nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you too"

We said our goodbyes and once we were back in the car, Sarah let out a long breath.

"You're right, I do need a holiday" she said and I laughed. "They really know how to make a girl feel like crap, huh?"

"I'm sure they didn't mean to"

"I've never been to college or had a good job and even the least successful person in your family has done better than me"

"How?" I asked, arching an eyebrow.

"'By day he worked in a bookstore and by night he used to hang around making celebrities look good'"

"I wouldn't say that was a success story"

"Better than I've ever done" she said, sounding like she was sulking.

I planted a kiss on her lips. "Good thing it doesn't matter to me"

She didn’t stop sulking and I drove us back home, since I’d asked Alex and Caleb to watch the kids til the evening. I kissed her again before we got out of the car, but she grabbed my collar, kissing back. I was a bit weirded out by the collar grabbing but I went with it anyway. She slipped her tongue in my mouth, straddling me. My hands trailed down to her hips, and I hummed out a moan as she grinded her hips into mine kind of hard. She wrapped her hand around my throat, which made things more than a little uncomfortable, and she did a striptease for me as best as she could in a car. All it did was remind me of the striptease I was forced to give Caleb. She grinded her hips into mine again as I blushed, teasing me and slapping me every now and then. I put up with it, not exactly appreciating the slapping, and she eventually gave in. But the sex was... Kind of violent.

The End

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