Get Lost, MoronMature

Not long after their birthday, the kids got themselves another present; a stomach bug that was going around the local schools. Since Eden was on holiday, she volunteered to look after the kids while I went to work, even though I got the feeling going to work on children’s ward when your own kids have a stomach bug probably isn’t the best idea from the medical side of things. Unfortunately for Eden, she managed to get herself sick as well, so in the end it was me that took time off work to look after everyone.

The kids were nearly better by the end of the week, but Eden was in the first stages of sickness. She was tired, sore, kept throwing up, said her sense of taste and smell were fucked up and that she just generally wanted to curl up and die.

“How’d you manage to get sick, anyway? You work with sick children” I said, amused, as I handed her a glass of water to rinse out her mouth and get some fluids into her.

“Go away if you’re just gonna be an ass” she whined, taking the glass from me where she sat hunched over the toilet bowl.

“Poor baby” I smirked, earning myself an annoyed slap on the leg.

“Get lost, moron” Eden groaned, before hunching over the toilet bowl again.

I chuckled again, kissing the top of her head before going to check on the kids. Like I said, they were over the worst of it and were mainly getting their strength back, and since it was a Monday, I’d told them I’d be nice and let them have the rest of the week off, as long as they pretended to be ill when anyone came round or called. Which thankfully no one did, but it’s worth playing it safe, right?

It took Eden a little longer to get over it, though, and after about two weeks of her feeling ill, the both of us started wondering if she should go see a doctor. She’d told me not to worry myself about it and that she’d nip into the hospital while I was at work to get a check up and to bring me something to eat since I was on call to save me having to go get something.


Turns out Eden had caught a bug from one of the kids on the ward but it hadn’t really had an effect til she caught whatever it was the kids had. I know being a doctor I should really know what it was they had, but for things like I stomach bug or the flu, I turn into lazy dad mode. Of course if they had something serious or life threatening I’d be more concerned but c’mon, everyone gets ill when they’re a kid.

Eden just needed plenty of rest and fluids, so the doctor signed her off for a week, and while I’d offered to take the week off to take care of her, she assured me she’d be fine on her own and told me not to worry about her. I did my best not to, after all, it was just a stomach bug, and got on with my job, doing that little extra bit to put a smile on my patients’ faces. After all, being in hospital when you’re a kid is no fun. Some of the teenagers were a piece of work, but the younger kids love nothing more than being told they’re going to be looked after by “Doctor Bunny”. There’d even been talk of getting me bunny ears for Easter, which, humiliating as it would be, was something I’d do if it meant cheering the kids up.

Eden wasn’t home when I got back from picking up the kids from school. I figured maybe she’d gone to the store to get some chocolate or something to comfort eat while she was recovering, but she was gone for easily an hour. By the time she got back, I’d already fed the kids and they were busy doing their homework so they could watch TV before bed. I looked up from where I was lying on the couch and saw Eden trying to sneak past me. I frowned a little when I saw how pale she looked.

“You okay?” I asked, sitting up.

Eden nodded. “I think I just went out before I was ready. I’m gonna go take a lie down”

“Okay. Let me know if you need anything”

She nodded again and headed upstairs, leaving me wondering what she’d gone out for.

The End

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