Happy BirthdayMature

It wasn’t long after moving into the new house that the kids’ birthdays came around. Since we had more space in the new house, Lily had asked if she could have a big party and then have a few friends stay the night. Who was I to say no? She’d even invited Eden to the sleepover part, making her promise to dye Lily’s hair. I’d been against it initially, but we compromised on no unnatural colours, since I knew Lily was dying to have it either blue or purple.

Danny hadn’t really said what he wanted to do for his birthday, and I got the feeling he would’ve been quite happy playing his video games all day. And while I was happy to let him, I got the feeling he’d be spending most of his time trying to get away from Lily and her friends, especially once Eden’s makeup came out, so I had him invite the few friends he had over. At least them he’d have someone he knew and liked there.

I’d left Eden in charge of the party planning, as had been her and Lily’s wish, and did only as I was told to. Which was mainly rides to the store to get food and party supplies. We’d decided against an entertainer, figuring the kids would be able to entertain themselves. After all, I managed to entertain myself at parties when I was a kid. Y’know, back when I still got invited to parties. But nonetheless, Eden made sure to get plenty of things for party games and whatnot, leaving me in charge of the piñata. I didn’t know where we were planning on hanging this piñata, but I figured I should probably just keep my mouth shut and do as I was told.

Which included keeping out of the way at the party. As Lily so politely put it, “boys don’t go to girls’ parties”. So that was what I did. Lily promised me she’d take plenty of photos when she wasn’t busy entertaining Lily and her friends, and I hung out with Danny and his two friends. I couldn’t remember their names off the top of my head since Danny didn’t talk about them that much, but he seemed to be enjoying himself with them around. The three of them were sat quite happily watching old cartoons and eating some of the food Eden and Lily had picked out, which admittedly was all a little girly for the boys, but they didn’t seem to mind that everything was pink and had either rainbows, unicorns or butterflies on.

Eventually it was time for them to open their presents, and some of Lily’s friends had been kind enough to get something for Danny too. And while most of it was candy, Beau had definitely put some thought into it, what with Danny being her friend too. She’d gotten him an old Xbox game, and judging by his reaction, it’d been one he’d wanted. I tried not to worry about how much it would’ve cost her, or rather John, and flashed her a smile. She’d gotten Lily something equally as thoughtful, but I got lost amongst all the pink flying her way.  Eden and I had gotten Lily some better riding gear, since she was doing exceptionally well at riding lessons, and we’d gotten Danny some games and movies that he’d wanted. I always felt bad giving him less than Lily, but he honestly seemed happy to even get a “happy birthday”.

Eventually the evening rolled around, and Eden got to work dying Lily’s hair and giving the girls Lily had invited to stay over makeovers. I checked in on what Eden was doing every now and then, making sure she hadn’t gone back on our compromise, and I have to admit I almost had a heart attack when I saw a load of bright red hair dye smothered over Lily’s golden locks. Well, until Eden showed me what colour it was s’posed to be once it was washed out and everything. It was still red, but it was a sensible, natural kind of shade. Lily came to find me once it was washed out, dripping reddish water all over the place as she ran around trying to find me to proudly display her red hair before dashing off back to Eden.

A couple hours later, we sat the kids down in front of the TV to watch a movie. They’d all agreed to watch Up, which luckily we had, and I smiled as they all settled down with some popcorn and soda. Which was when Eden’s fingers intertwined with mine, leading me upstairs to our bedroom. She shut the door behind us, littering my neck with kisses.

“Eden, what if one of the kids comes up looking for us?” I said, letting her back me towards the bed.

“They won’t” she mumbled against my skin.

“They might”

“Then I guess they’ll learn where babies come from”

“Eden, we can’t”

“Shut up” she said a little forcefully, sort of pushing me backwards onto the bed.

Okay, so that was kind of hot. She straddled me, pulling my t-shirt off and nipping at my collarbone while I prayed that the kids stayed downstairs.

The End

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