By the time me and Eden had been an item for around seven months, we’d finally bought a house together. It was this gorgeous little place with a porch and everything. Okay, maybe not so little. It was your typical wooden house; kind of old, with a porch and a balcony that covered the entire front face of the house. It had two storeys, along with a basement and enough space in the attic to make another bedroom or a room for the kids or something. There were three bedrooms, but all three of them easily had enough space for a double bed, so if the kids wanted to have sleepovers it wouldn’t be an issue. It had a huge back yard, so they had plenty of room to play, and there’d been talk of getting a pool. I know it sounds like I’m splashing out a bit much, but I was careful with the money Maxxie had left me. I only spent it on the things we needed or the things I knew would make the kids happy. I wasn’t about to blow thousands of dollars on pancakes, put it that way.

I’d enlisted John, Caleb and Alex’s help to get us moved in, and promised them all a beer for their hard work. Having Beau around kept the kids occupied as well, so that meant they were out of the way. I left Alex in charge of helping Eden get her stuff, and for once Caleb didn’t insist on going with him. I shrugged it off, though, and focused on getting everything moved and ready. Eden’s priority was getting everything unpacked and in place, whereas mine was making sure we got everything moved in before we worried about that, so I’m sure you can imagine the power struggles. In the end we compromised that once half the boxes were in, she could start unpacking the stuff that went upstairs so it was out of the way. And the kids just ran around in the yard, like kids do.

It wasn’t until around midnight that we’d gotten everything unpacked. Granted none of it was where it should be, but it was unpacked at the very least. Eden had taken the kids’ rooms as her main focus, so at least they had a place to sleep. I’d sent Caleb and Alex home when Caleb fell asleep leant against the wall, but John had stayed behind to try and help. He’d gone home quickly to get something for Beau to sleep in, and his dear daughter was fast asleep with Lily upstairs. Danny had insisted on staying up to help, but he’d gotten bored after a while and had slunk off to bed. Which left it down to me, Eden and John. By the time everything was unpacked, Eden looked exhausted and John wasn’t far off. The three of us were all flopped out on the sofa bed, too worn out to move. We had to in the end, though, so we could go to bed and so John could have the sofa bed to himself.

I barely had time to say goodnight to Eden before I was out cold. I felt like I could sleep for a week. For some reason I couldn’t stay asleep, though. I kept waking up, tossing and turning in bed. I guess it had something to do with sleeping in a strange house. I opened my eyes a little when I felt someone playing with my hair, smiling when I saw Maxxie’s face.

"You okay, gorgeous?" he asked quietly, kissing the top of my head.

"Mm, just tired"

"Long day?”

I nodded. "I didn't know moving was this hard"

Maxxie chuckled. "I guess it's harder moving from house to house than from an apartment to a house?" he asked I nodded, laughing a little. “Poor baby” he said, ruffling my hair.

"How're you anyway? I haven't seen you in a while"

"I'm okay. Ash and Cayden have been keeping me busy"

"Ash?" I asked curiously and Maxxie blushed a little.

"I was whining about how much I missed you that Cayden felt the need to find me someone to play with to shut me up" he explained and I chuckled. "He was disappointed. All it meant was I was I whined more in less time" he said, sticking his tongue out.

Yeah, I was too tired to really get what he meant. So I tutted.

"What?" he pouted.

"You're terrible"

"Why?" he asked innocently. "I miss you and I make it known. Maybe someone will get fed up of it and bring me back to life"

"I don't think it works like that, gorgeous"

"It should"

I held my arms out for a cuddle, figuring a double bed could hold three people, even if one of them was only a dream. Maxxie snuggled into me, his head resting against me neck.

"I always feel so selfish, sitting around, knowing all I'm doing really is waiting for you to come to me"

"Why?" I asked, resting my head on top of his.

"I don't want to hurt anyone. I'm back with Cay, and if I leave him again, I'm scared I'll hurt him like I did before" he sighed.

"You're back with Cayden?"

"Is that okay?"


"You sure?"  he asked, playing with my hair.

I nodded, smiling. "It's up to you what you do"

His lips met mine in a brief kiss.

"I love you" he said, nuzzling me.

"I love you too"

He cuddled me even tighter, and I kissed the top of his head as he buried it in my neck again.

"I'll always wait for you, y'know?" he said and I let out a contented hum. "I mean, I'll understand if you don't want me by the time you get here, I guess, but I'm always yours"

"Of course I'll want you, silly"

"What if you find someone better than I ever was? It won't be hard"

"I won't"

"I hurt you so much" he said, tracing patterns on my shoulder with his finger.

"It's okay"

"I made so many mistakes. If I had a second chance, I'd do everything better. I'd never hurt you" he said, moving his tracings up to my neck.

"It's okay, gorgeous" I said, playing with his hair.

He stopped tracing, letting out a small sigh. "Sorry. I didn't mean to go all emo on you"

"Don't worry about it" I smiled.

"How're the kids doing?"

"They're doing okay. Lily's doing really well with her horse riding and Danny... Well, Danny's being his usual self"

"Maybe I'll go see him soon"

"It's up to you"

"I've only seen him once since I died. I'm too worried about it fucking him up" he laughed slightly.

"I'm sure it won't, gorgeous"

"Last time I saw him I took him to a park and we played for ages, and I read him a story and put him back to bed" he said, smiling to himself. "Maybe we should go out some time. This is a dream, after all. We can do whatever the fuck we like"

I hummed, nuzzling the top of his head.

Maxxie smiled. "We could go for pizza and make out in the back of a cinema like teenagers" he chuckled. "Or go for a walk somewhere beautiful. Or we could stay right here. It's your dream, it's your choice" he said, kissing my cheek and making me hum again.

"I don't mind, as long as it's with you"


The two of us went to this gorgeous beach. I think it might’ve been the beach where we fucked in that little cave and got spotted by some old woman in the morning, but I couldn’t be sure. I liked to think it was, anyway. Maxxie had set up this mushy lovey dovey picnic for us to enjoy while we watched the sunset. But if I’m honest, I was more interested in making out. In reality, I was interested in going a lot further than making out, but I was too tired to do anything like that. Maxxie seemed happy enough just making out, anyway. Maxxie fed me typical picnic food – those little sweet things you always seem to get on picnics that attract all the wasps – when we were taking a break from making out or watching the sunset. The tiredness got the better of me after a while, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep again.


Maxxie was still there when I woke up. We were still on the beach and I looked up at Maxxie. He was propped up on his elbows watching the stars and didn’t seem to notice as I let out a yawn. I lay on top of him, kissing him when he cuddled back. I leant my head on his chest, sort of tracing patterns on his chest and stomach. Maxxie let out a hum, lying back on the ground.

"Would it bother you if me and Alex were sort of like fuck buddies?" I asked, not looking at Maxxie and keeping up my tracing.

"Surely that would be Eden's concern, not mine" he said, laughing a little.

"She suggested it"

A look of surprise crossed his face. "Well, if you're all okay with it, why should I mind? What does Caleb think?"

"Uh..." I trailed off, blushing and trying not to think of what Caleb had thought. Maxxie arched an eyebrow at me. “Doesn’t matter”

"Tell me" he laughed.

"Go ask Alex"

"I will"

I kissed Maxxie’s chest, nuzzling his skin as he played with my hair. He let out a hum, kissing me as I flashed him a smile. I cuddled up to him, feeling myself getting sleepy again. I did my best to stay awake, but sleep eventually got the better of me. Not before I heard Maxxie tell me he loved me, though.

The End

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