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I didn’t need to see Alex again until maybe a month after Christmas. I’d asked him not to tell Caleb about our little arrangement, and as far as I’d could tell, he hadn’t said anything. I guess I felt a little bad about it, but it’s not like Alex was cheating on him or anything. And it’s not like we couldn’t explain what was going on. Knowing Caleb, he’d probably take it as the perfect opportunity to rope me and Alex into God knows how many threesomes.

"Alex, you home?" I heard Caleb yell when me and Alex were, uh, busy.

"Shit" Alex said.

See, Caleb had gone out to do whatever it was Caleb does when he goes out, which was why I’d gone round. We heard Caleb dashing up the stairs and Alex just about had time to get a pair of boxers on, throwing the comforter over my lower half. The look of confusion on Caleb’s face when he burst in spoke volumes.

"Finally, we were gonna start without you" Alex said, looking up.

"What's going on?" Caleb asked, sounding vaguely suspicious.

"Eden can't satisfy our horny little bunny properly"

"Alex" I whined.

"Embarrassing you in front of your best friend is the lesser evil, Hadley"

"What d'you mean by that?" Caleb asked suspiciously.

"I mean that agreeing to helping Hadley out without asking you about it first looks a lot worse than being a bit embarrassed"

Caleb didn’t look like he understood, and Alex gestured for him to sit on his lap, kissing his cheek when he did.

"Hadley's missing a certain something when it comes to having sex with Eden and he asked if I could... help him out. I should've asked you first, I'm sorry"

"When was this?" Caleb asked innocently.

"A couple of months ago, but Hadley didn't want me to say anything 'cause he was embarrassed" Alex explained and this kind of thoughtful look crossed Caleb’s face. Alex played with his hair. "I've only done it once. Twice if you include today"


Alex wrapped the poor confused ginger in a cuddle, and the ginger cuddled back.

"Should I go?" I asked, feeling awkward.

"S'up to you" Alex said, resting his chin on Caleb’s shoulder, still cuddling him.

Caleb got that thoughtful look on his face again as I got dressed. I heard Alex say sorry, and I think it was directed at the both of us.

"And just where do you think you're going, mister?" I heard Caleb say when I started leaving. I turned round, arching an eyebrow at him. "Bunny came here asking for sex and nobody invited me? That's just mean" he pouted.

I think me and Alex were as surprised as each other. I’d expected Caleb to get upset and to no doubt lose a friend or at the very get the silent treatment from him for a good few months.

"So frankly I think you two need to make it up to me" Caleb said.

"How would we do that?" Alex asked.

"Use your imagination"

Alex laughed a little. "You're not mad?"

"I'm mad you didn't invite me"

Alex kissed Caleb, while I just stood there thoroughly baffled as to what was going on.

"Did I ever mention I fucking love you?" Alex said to Caleb.

"You might have"

Alex trapped one of my legs between his, pulling me closer to them. "You heard the man, Bunny"

"Ditch the clothes, bunny boy" Caleb said, sounding a little too serious for my liking.

"Do I have to?"


Alex seemed more than happy to help both me and Caleb out of our clothes, but the ginger stopped him.

"I don't think so, I want a striptease" Caleb said, making me whine. "I'm waiting" he said as Alex laughed slightly.

"No" I blushed.

Alex seemed content to kiss and nibble at Caleb’s shoulder while I was more or less being tortured.

"Bunny, strip for me or you don't get anything else from my husband" Caleb threatened.

"I'm sure I can find someone else"

"Someone else that both your girlfriend and your husband approve of?"Caleb questioned innocently, forcing another whine out of me. “Strip” he said, amused.

This isn't fair" I whined.

"You'll shut him up quicker if you just do it" Alex said, doing a bad ob of pretending not to be amused by it himself.

I started giving Caleb a striptease, but ended up stopping halfway through because fuck, I was embarrassed. I mean, Caleb’s my best friend, and sure we’d had a few sexual encounters with each other through Maxxie and Alex, but he wanted me to strip for him. That’s not what friends do, man.

"Ahem" Caleb said, this expectant look on his face as he did his best ignoring Alex’s hand in his crotch.

I sighed, going back to my striptease and knowing I must’ve looked like a tomato. Caleb’s smug little grin didn’t help as he watched me, either. And neither did the fact that Alex was getting a boner over it. Fucking hell.

"Very nice" Caleb smirked. "Give me a twirl" he said and I did so begrudgingly, making Caleb hum. “Don’t think you’re getting out of this” he said, looking back at Alex.

This vague look of horror flashed across Alex’s features. "Don't make me bottom"

"Maybe I should" he smirked.

He let out an evil chuckle, kissing Alex’s cheek. The poor guy looked traumatised.

"What to do with the pair of you, eh?" Caleb smirked. "Alex, I want a striptease from you, but you're not nearly dressed enough"

"Does that mean I have to get dressed again?" Alex sulked.

"Mhm. Unless you fancy bottoming for me"

Needless to say, Alex got dressed very quickly. Caleb beckoned me over to the bed, this amused look on his face. I sat down next to him and he pulled me onto his lap, teasing me ever so slightly as he watched Alex give him a striptease with a little more grace than I had. Caleb smirked, still teasing me, making me bite my lip, though whether it was out of enjoyment or embarrassment I’m not sure.

"What else can I do with you two? This is fun" Caleb said thoughtfully, apparently noticing Alex’s lack of a hard on. It didn’t take a genius to tell that Alex didn’t enjoy being the submissive type. "Bunny, put your mouth to good use over there for me, sweetie"

I did as I was told, all but dying of embarrassment. Alex pouted, still obviously not enjoying what Caleb was putting him through, but he got hard nonetheless.

"You brought this on yourself" Caleb said as I gave Alex the most awkward and embarrassed blowjob of my life.

The ginger interrupted me halfway through, taking over and humming as Alex gripped his hair. Apparently he wasn’t done being evil, though, since he stopped when Alex was reaching his finish. Granted he tried not to let Caleb stop, but we all know Caleb would’ve bitten him had he needed to. Alex looked frustrated but Caleb didn’t seem to care, prodding Alex’s nose.

"We're spit roasting bunny" he said, jumping on the bed and getting me on all fours. Kill me now?

Alex didn’t seem sure how he was going to be of any use, given that he was about to jizz, but Caleb seemed to view it as a game, grinning at him.

"That's the fun of it; the longer you take, the more I'll let you do to me later" he winked, making Alex whine.

Caleb kissed him, spanking him a little. “Get going, soldier”

Alex did as he was told, and the two got to work. Yeah, I just felt like a whore. Alex didn’t exactly last long, but Caleb didn’t seem to mind.



The three of us were all snuggled up in bed once the ginger was done with us. He’d reverted to his usual, childish self, and was all but wrapped around Alex, nuzzling him.

"Are we forgiven?" Alex asked and Caleb hummed.

"I think so"

"I don't think I like dominant Caleb" I mumbled, still embarrassed, making Alex chuckle.

"What about you? Did you like dominant Caleb?" Caleb asked Alex innocently.

"You know I prefer to be the dominant one" Alex grumbled. “You're evil"

"Keep talking like that and I won't let you do anything to me later on" Caleb said sternly, making Alex shut up. Caleb just giggled, though. "I'm kidding, silly"

Yeah, Alex didn’t seem to find it that funny.

"I was just being scary serious like Mom when she's angry" Caleb said, giggling again.

"You've learnt far too well. I want Hadley, he doesn't do scary"

"I bet he could try"

"He's too sweet and innocent looking though"

"And I'm not?"

I was honestly too sleepy to care.

"Okay, you are, but I've seen your scary side now" Alex said after giving it some thought.

"Exactly" Caleb nodded.

"If you guys are gonna chat, go downstairs" I said sleepily, making the both of them chuckle, spooning with me.

The End

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