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Wanna know something really fucking awesome? Finding out your dead brother’s best friend went out with your girlfriend once. Know what’s even better? Finding out about it through him drunkenly kissing her at a meal where she’s meeting your mother.

So naturally, my fist found its way into Brent’s face, even though Eden pushed him away and asked what the hell he thought he was doing. Turns out when Eden had found out I was married, she’d ended up at one of the bars Cayden and the guys used to frequent when the last of them turned twenty one. Brent still went out of tradition, and some of the others would go every now and then, but it was usually just Brent. Eden had picked this bar on a night Brent happened to be there and long story short, the two had ended up sleeping together. And since Brent was looking for something steady and Eden didn’t want to look like a slut, they started going out. They went out for just under two years and I didn’t even know. Eden never mentioned me to Brent, not even as her friend, and Brent never mentioned Cayden, so neither of them knew they were connected to each other in any way. Something happened between them and Brent walked out on Eden, not that she was that bothered, and around about the time me and her got together, Brent decided he wanted her back. He’d been going to the bar almost every weekend but he hadn’t seen her since until today.

Mom sent Brent home at this point, volunteering to look after Beau while John made sure he got back okay. So while she may not have approved of Eden, at least she seemed to want to keep her around for the time being. And by the time we got round to going back home, Eden had promised me the equivalent of apology sex. It didn’t matter to me if she’d gone out with Brent; after all, it didn’t matter to me that she’d gone out with anyone else before me, and it didn’t matter to her that I’d been married to a guy before going out with her. But nonetheless, she kept promising that she’d make it up to me, and once the kids were in bed, she all but dragged me to the bedroom and stripped me. And while the sex was great, it kind of started to dawn on me that something was missing.

I brought it up with Eden later on that night when we were both in the kitchen having a midnight snack.

“Eden, what do you think of like sex toys and stuff?” I asked kind of sheepishly over a bowl of ice cream.

“I guess they’re okay if that’s what you’re into, but I wouldn’t want to use them myself” she said, after a slight hesitation.

“Oh, no, I wasn’t suggesting we...”

“Then where was this heading?” she asked, smiling.

“I guess I miss... y’know”

“You guess you miss...?”

“Y’know” I said, hoping she’d get the message.

“Hadley, I need more to go on than that”

I felt a blush spread on my cheeks as I explained just what I missed.

“Oh. Well that’s understandable, you were with Maxxie a long time, after all”

“D’you think we could...?” I asked nervously, still blushing.

“As much as I’d love to don a strap on for you, I’m not into anything like that. But I guess you could ask Alex or Caleb”


“Mhm” she smiled. “We both have to be happy, right? So it’s not fair to leave you wanting something else”

“Thanks” I laughed, feeling relieved.

“Just as long as everyone remember you’re mine” she winked, sauntering back up to bed.

Yeah, I abandoned that ice cream.


The next day Eden sent me to Alex and Caleb’s since the kids were at school and I had the day off. I wasn’t even allowed to call beforehand to check if it was okay. I just got told to go over and basically ask whoever was there to fuck me. Great.

I knocked on the door once I got there, ready to run away if no one answered within ten seconds. But unfortunately for me, the door opened and I was greeted by Alex’s smiling face.

“Hey. What’s up?” he asked and my gaze shot to the floor, embarrassed.

“Can I come in?” I asked.

“Sure” he said, letting me in.

I went and plonked myself down on the couch, my gaze still on the floor. Was I really about to ask Alex for sex?

"Can I get you anything?" he asked.

"Uh" I said, laughing slightly and he looked at me as my cheeks flashed bright red. "Um, so I've been sent here to ask... Uh, to ask if I can, um..."

"Ask what?" he questioned, grinning ever so slightly.

"Uh..." I said, blushing even more.

Alex chuckled. "You wanna see a p where she has a v, is that it?" he asked and I gave an embarrassed nod, making him laugh. "What's so embarrassing?"

"Because I got sent here to ask for sex and you know stuff like that embarrasses me" I said, hiding my face in my hands.

"Want a drink?" he asked, ruffling my hair.


He got the both of us a coffee and I drank mine with this weird mix of nervousness and embarrassment. I couldn’t help but blush as Alex played with my hair, and he put an arm around me, kissing my neck.

“Relax” he smiled.

I tilted my head so he could reach my neck better, trying not to be so embarrassed about what was going on. I let out a quiet hum as he nibbled at my neck, pulling me into his lap. He had an arm around my waist and kept kissing and nibbling at my neck, a hand resting on my thigh. I blushed, overly aware of the feel of his hand on my thigh.

"You're not going to enjoy this as much if you don't relax" he mumbled into my jaw.

"I can't help being embarrassed" I laughed slightly, although I felt a little more relaxed about it all.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about" Alex chuckled, slowly edging his hand up my thigh.

"Well, you know me, I get embarrassed by everything"

"I know" he smiled, kissing me.

I kissed back, and Alex slipped a hand under my shirt as we made out. I couldn’t help but blush as his hand moved to my crotch, biting my lip embarrassedly as he palmed me.

“It’s fine” I said, sort of shaking my head when Alex backed off.

“Sure?” he asked I nodded.

He went back to palming me, nibbling my neck, and kept it up til I was hard. Which I’m almost ashamed to say didn’t take that long. He took me upstairs to the bedroom, undressing the both of us slowly while I prayed to all things holy that Caleb didn’t show up at any point. Because frankly this would be hard to explain.

The End

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