I’d invited Eden over the next night and all but begged Mom and John to watch the kids for another night. Beau was more than happy about the arrangement to say the least, so John could hardly say no, not that he minded anyway. And Mom was more than happy that I was shacking up with a girl because that meant her baby was a little bit straight but more importantly it meant more grandchildren.

I was in the middle of making dinner when Eden turned up. She let herself in since she still had the spare key, kissing me on the cheek and making me jump. She laughed, kissing my cheek again and making herself at home on the couch. I checked on the sauce I was making before setting the table and offering Eden a glass of wine.

“Trying to get me drunk already?” she chuckled.

“Oh, you saw right through me” I smirked and she smiled.

“I’d love one” she said and I nodded, going and getting her a glass.

I poured myself one, throwing it back quickly before pouring another one and taking Eden hers. She thanked me as I handed it to her and I flashed her a smile before dishing up the pasta I’d been making. I’d kept it simple so I didn’t risk messing it up. I carried the plates through to the dining room, setting them down on the table and pulling Eden’s chair out for her. She faked a curtsey and sat down, laughing as I pushed her chair in. We chatted away throughout dinner, and I tried not to make it too obvious I was being a little liberal with the wine. I was almost certain she’d notice, but if she did, she didn’t say anything. I guess she knew I was nervous about it.

By the time we were finished with dinner, I was rather drunk. I’d had a lot more wine than Eden, and even she was a little tipsy. We managed to get to the bedroom by some kind of miracle, stripping each other as we went.


I woke up the next morning hung over but feeling like a weight had been lifted from my chest. It was all a bit of a blur, but I’d finally slept with Eden. Although I have to admit, I was a little worried when I woke up on my own. Had I made an ass of myself and upset her? Or was I just that shit in bed? I groaned, rolling over and burying my head in the pillow. I’d make it up to her somehow.

“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty” I heard Eden say and I looked round, confused. “You’ve been asleep all morning. Anyone else would’ve thought I’d kept you up all night”

I blushed and Eden laughed, sliding back into bed. She had my t-shirt on and I blushed a little more when I realised I was naked. I hadn’t been naked in front of someone else in forever so I guess I was a little sensitive about it. I mean, I know we already had sex, but this wasn’t sex, this was just being naked. She snuggled up to me, hugging my waist and nuzzling my neck. I put an arm around her and she flashed me a smile.

“What time is it?” I asked sleepily.

“A little after one”

“Shit, I’ve got to get the kids” I said sitting up and starting to get out of bed.

“No you don’t” Eden said softly, wrapping her arms around my torso and pulling me back into bed. “I called your mom, she said she’s happy to watch Danny til the evening. And John’s taking the girls to the park, then they’re seeing a movie and going to iHop. You’re free all day”

“Oh. Thanks” I smiled.

“So, I was thinking we could have some lunch and pick up where we left off last night”

“Oh” I chuckled, kind of nervous again.

Eden nodded, kissing my neck.

“Sorry if I was rubbish last night” I said embarrassedly.

“It was obvious you’ve never been with a girl before, but I’ve got a feeling all the wine didn’t help”

“Sorry” I laughed. “I was a bit nervous”

“I guessed”

“Was it that obvious?” I asked and she nodded.

I let out a whine and she laughed, kissing my forehead.

“I never said it was a bad thing, silly”


Eden nodded. “It’s cute. But I’m hoping you won’t be nervous now we’ve done it”

“And if I am?”

“Then we’ll just have to keep at it until you’re not nervous about it”


Eden kissed my neck again, trailing her kisses down to my collarbone. She slipped off her t-shirt, still kissing my torso as she straddled me. My stomach was pretty much doing backflips but I did my best to look calm. The reaction occurring down South definitely helped me look calm, to say the least. Eden planted one final kiss on my lips before getting down to business.

The End

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