After our hiccup of a first date, things with Eden went well. We went on a couple more dates, which all went a lot better than the first, and the kids seemed to like her. I still dreamt about Maxxie, still spoke to him about my fears and concerns, and always made sure to tell him I’d always love him the most. It’s not like it was a lie, I’d never love anyone as much as I loved him. I know it was probably just a figment of my imagination or my subconscious or something, but he always felt so real. It always felt like I had him back. So when me and Eden had been going on dates for three or four months, I figured I’d better ask him before I asked her to be my girlfriend.

I smiled as I saw him sat nearby. He returned the smile, hugging my waist when I went and sat on his lap, burying my face in his neck.

"You okay?" he asked, kissing the top of my head.

"Mhm. You?"

"I could do with being less dead" he said, resting his head on top of mine as I laughed slightly.

"Do you think I should ask Eden to be my girlfriend?"

"Do you want her to be?"

"I s'pose so. I mean, she's really nice and I really like her, but I don't want to upset you or annoy you or anything"

"It's hard to annoy someone that's dead, Bunny" he laughed.

"You know what I mean"

"It's up to you. You won't upset me" he kissed the top of my head again.

"I wanted to make sure"

He smiled. "Look, I'm just glad you're getting on with your life. I'd be upset if you were wallowing or if you did something stupid. But you're not, so I'm not upset."

I nuzzled his neck softly. "It's just I know it can't be easy having to see the person you love with someone else. So if there's anyone you're interested in where you are, then by all means" I laughed a little.

"There isn't" he said with a faint little smile.

"Maybe you're just not looking hard enough"

"I might've given it another go with Cayden, but he's all shacked up with someone else" he sighed. "And you know how bad I am at making new friends"

"C'mon, this is Cayden. He had a crush on you til the very end, right?"

"You remember that guy he liked when he was in hospital? And then he got all fucked up over it when the guy died?" he asked and I nodded. "That's the guy he's shacked up with. Trust me, I might be able to screw comfort sex out of him, but they're pretty tight"

"Comfort sex is better than nothing though, right?"

"I'd rather have a friend with no benefits than a mostly absent friend that occasionally lets me in his bed. Whatever. There's no point in worrying about me. As far as I can tell, I've got forever to find someone to talk to that has more than sex on their mind" he laughed.

"Did you try and find your brother?"

"I wouldn't know where to start"

"Maybe ask around? Or ask Cayden to help you out?"


I smiled, snuggling back as he snuggled up to me.

“I miss you, Bunny”

“I miss you too”

"Sleep longer tonight. I don't wanna have to go" he said, hugging me a little tighter.

"We better get to bed, then"

Maxxie picked me up, carrying me to bed, resting his head on my chest as we snuggled up to each other again once we were under the sheets.

“We’re gonna need a bigger house” I said, playing with his hair.


"The kids can't share a room forever"

It’d already caused a few problems as it was, and they hadn’t even hit puberty yet.

Maxxie chuckled slightly. "Well I'd love to help, but I'm afraid the estate agents here don't really cater for the living"

"Funny, that" I laughed. "I was thinking about keeping this place for one of the kids or something"

"That'd be nice" I smiled. "what about the house in Australia?"

"That one's for me when I'm old and wrinkly" I grinned, earning a laugh from Maxxie. “Will you still love me when I’m old and wrinkly?”

"Of course I will"

"Even though I'll be all wrinkly and you'll still be all hot?"

He chuckled. "Mhm. You are my Bunny, and I love you"

I hummed, nuzzling him sleepily as he played with my hair. “I love you”

"I love you too" he said, as I fell asleep again.


I’d gotten used to waking up on my own after a Maxxie dream now, but it still kind of hurt a bit. Thankfully it was a weekend so I let the kids sleep in, doing some housework just to keep me busy. Usually I would’ve texted Eden or something but I’d been purposely avoiding my phone for the last week since Caleb was badgering me about a threesome with him and Alex. The way he saw it, if I wasn’t getting any, it was up to him and his husband to see to it that I wasn’t sexually frustrated whenever I saw Eden. Which for the record, I wasn’t. But let’s face it, Caleb only believes what he wants to, so he was still determined to get me to agree to it. Remind me why I’m friends with him?


Someone please remind me why I’m friends with Caleb. After weeks of badgering, I’d finally given into his demands and agreed to go ahead with this threesome, even if it was only to shut him up. I’d mentioned it to Eden and she’s said she didn’t mind as long as I didn’t ditch her for them, but I couldn’t tell if she meant it or not.

“Don’t look so happy to be here” Alex laughed as he let me in.

"I'm only here to make him stop" I said, pointing as Caleb.

Alex looked over at him. "I tried to stop him, but he didn't believe me that you were doing okay on your own in that department"

"How do you manage to put up with him?" I asked, glancing at Caleb who was busy attacking something with glitter, his tongue poking out of his mouth ever so slightly, which meant he was concentrating for once.

"Magic" Alex chuckled.

"Mind sharing some with me?"

"I'd love to, but you didn't know Maxxie when he was still a hyper sex addicted teenager"

"No, but I did have to witness my brother being a sex addicted teenager"

"Witnessing and satisfying are completely different" he winked.

"I can imagine, judging by what I heard from some of the satisfying" I said, making Alex laugh. “Moving on from that” I laughed.

"Feel free to try and distract ginger spice, but you probably won't win"

"I'm more than happy to let him do... whatever it is he's doing"

"I meant distracting him from sex, but y'know. That one's up to you"

"Well let's face it, if he doesn't get his way he'll only keep pestering me"

"Yeah but I can't imagine sex is much fun when you're not in the mood for it"

"I don't mind if it shuts him up" I laughed.

Caleb apparently finished what he was doing then, since he put his glitter down and turned, grinning at Alex from the floor. Alex smiled, wandering over to Caleb and hugging him from behind.

"Very pretty. Not as pretty as you or your ass though" Alex grinned when Caleb showed him what he’d made.

Caleb giggled and Alex kissed his cheek.

"And where is my ass going in this threesome?" he asked, giggling again.

"Wherever bunny would like it to go, since you've bullied him into this" Alex said after giving it some thought.

"And where would Bunny like it to go?"

"How should I know?" I asked and Alex shrugged.

"As long as I top someone I don't mind" he chuckled.

"And why's that, Mr Selfish?" Caleb tutted.

"You know I'm a top" Alex pouted.

"What if me and Bunny want to top?" Caleb asked, tutting again as Alex covered his ass. "Maybe we'll just have to leave you out, then" Caleb said as Alex sat down.

"'Kay. Have fun"

"And then I might just leave you for Bunny. Especially if he’s better in bed than you” Caleb teased and Alex shot him this kind of accusing thing. “What?”

"I've managed to keep you happy so far haven't I?"

Caleb nodded. "But Bunny might be better"

"You would wear the poor guy out"

"Nuh uh, he's younger than you"


"So he has more stamina" Caleb nodded.

"Are you saying I don't have enough stamina?”


"I have stamina. You've yet to wear me out" he sulked.

"I'm sure I could try"

"Go on then"

“But what do we do with Bunny?"

"Stop pestering him and let him make up his own mind?"

"I honestly don't mind" I said, just wanting to get it over and done with.

"Then it's settled, we will spit roast Bunny" Caleb nodded, making Alex laugh.

"Why am I the one getting spit roasted?" I asked.

"Because I said so" Caleb said, nodding again.

"Caleb, I'm not sucking you off"

"Yes you are" Caleb grinned.

"Caleb" Alex said warningly.

"What?" Caleb asked innocently.

"Let the poor guy decide if he wants to suck you off or not"

"But if he won't, who will?"


"But I do not want to top"

"Who said anything about topping?"

"Well what else would the other end of the spit roast do?"

"I'm sure I can find a way to top bunny and suck you"

"That's not a very good spit roast"

"Got your heart set on that, huh?" Alex asked and Caleb nodded.

"Caleb, it's not gonna happen" I said.

"You guys go have fun without me, then" Caleb said.

"Well I did offer to suck you off, ginger" Alex said.

"No, I'll be fine with my glitter" Caleb huffed and Alex rolled his eyes.

"Let's go jump on the bed for a bit" Alex whispered in my ear as Caleb went back to his glitter.

I followed Alex into the bedroom, jumping on the bed with him and making sex noises in time with the noises from the bed. Alex messed up my hair and I wondered what he was up to as he messed up his own.

"Now all I need to do is suck him off and be all apologetic and he'll forget all about it" he said, making me laugh.

He grinned and I smiled as he kissed my cheek. The two of us headed back to Caleb, who was still busy with his glitter, and Alex snuggled him from behind again. I sat myself down and Caleb pressed a glittery kiss to Alex’s cheek.

"I'll do my apologising later, 'kay?" Alex chuckled, offering me a drink or something to eat.

I asked for a glass of water, thanking him when he gave it to me and making a mental note to thank him for getting me out of the threesome.

The End

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