It’d been a few weeks since I’d last seen Maxxie, and as per usual, I woke up on my own, but I could hear the kids up and about. I stumbled out of bed, confusedly making my way downstairs to see Eden and the kids busy making breakfast. I watched with a smile from the doorway, not saying anything to see how long it’d be til anyone noticed me. Just as I’d suspected, Danny was the first to spot me, a floury handprint on his face and his hair still messy from bed.

“Back to bed, Papa” he said, coming over to me and pushing me gently.

“Am I not allowed down here anymore?” I asked, brushing his hair slightly with my fingers.

“We’re making you a surprise” he said, still trying to push me.

“Don’t make too much of a mess” I chuckled, heading back up to bed.

It wasn’t long before the kids came bounding upstairs, with Eden not far behind carrying a breakfast tray. She handed it to the kids once they were up the stairs and the two of them carried it into me, grinning. Well, Lily was grinning, Danny was just sort of watching everything like he used to. They wandered over to me, presenting me with a breakfast of waffles, buttered toast, a fried egg, bacon and orange juice. I thanked them and they clambered up on the bed with me, taking their fair share of my breakfast. Naturally they took the waffles, although Danny tore his in half and gave me some back.

“What’s all this in aid of?” I asked Eden, who was watching with a smile.

“They wanted to make you breakfast to cheer you up” she said, still smiling.

“Well that’s very sweet of them” I said, smiling at the kids as they ate their waffles, no doubt getting syrup all over the bed.

“It is. And it was ever so sweet of me to talk my way into getting you the day off today” Eden said.

“You did what?”

“Thought you might like to spend some time with them. Y’know, take them out somewhere”

“Thanks, Eden”

“No problem. I’m gonna go get started on the dishes” she said, walking off.

I finished my breakfast, switching the TV on for the kids as they got into bed with me, cuddling up to each other under the covers. Lily was closest to me for a change, and I played with her hair as I ate, feeling her lean on me slightly. I left them to it once I’d finished, taking the tray down to Eden.

“Thanks for all this” I said as she took it off me and started washing up.

“Don’t mention it”

Alright Hadley, this is your chance. Wish me luck if you’re watching, gorgeous. “Uh, so, did you maybe wanna go out some time?”

Eden stopped what she was doing. Oh shit.

“I thought you’d never ask” she chuckled, turning to smile at me. “I’d love to”

“How about tonight?”

She shook her head. “It’s your day with the kids. I’ve waited this long, I’m sure I can wait another couple days”

“That gives me more time to ask John to look after them too” I said, laughing slightly.

“You could always ask Alex and Caleb” she suggested.

“As much as I love them, I don’t trust them with my kids”

“Well you might have to trust them, John took Beau on holiday and they don’t get back for another couple weeks” Eden chuckled.

“It still weirds me out how you know what all my friends are up to”

“We talk, Hadley”

“It’s weird because I never introduced any of you, though. I mean, obviously John knew Caleb but that’s it”

“Shush. Go have fun with your kids, I’ll let myself out”

“Yes, boss” I grinned, heading back upstairs.

The kids were still happily watching TV when I got back into bed, pulling the both of them over to me for a cuddle and making them laugh as I tickled them. Eventually we got out of bed and got dressed and ready for a trip out to the zoo. We went to an arcade for a bit once we were done at the zoo, grabbing a pizza from the usual place before heading back home to chill out for a bit before it was their bedtime. I flopped straight into bed once they were asleep, grabbing my phone eventually and calling Alex.

The End

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