Tomato in the Mirror

Did they think to look at her in the mirror, Bunny asked. The Russian girl?

Weldon Titward smirked.

No, he said. They were in the Moscow Arms, Bayswater. Behind Titward's head the bar back mirror reflected ... what? Weldon was still Weldon but Bunny could see the tell tale signs. The tentacles. The myriad reflecting eyes. 

You remember that bar we went to in 1994? He said. In Magaluf?

Sure, Titward said. 

San Remo's?

That's the one.

We never went to Magaluf, said Bunny. What did you do with Weldon?

Never you mind, said "Titward". 

Bunny got up and ran out of the pub. Someone tittered.

Naff off, Bunny said.

I walk the streets of Bayswater

with murder by my side

and soft voices taunt me there

and gently murmur 'hide'.

I am lost in Bayswater

death can come at any time

on any day, in any way

my life has never been mine.

I wish I could feel safe alone

or on a crowded street - 

but i'm not even safe at home

or anywhere. I'm meat.

Thus Bunny's little ditty as he made his way home. So far, it was true, he had avoided being murdered, but it had been a close run thing on many occasions and death could come from any corner, from anybody. On a few occasions he had reported attacks to the police and they had usually put it down to racist attack, black on black crime, or homophobic assault.

However he suspected it was just because he was him.

The End

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