Seven Days to the Wolves

v City match and the whole place was a morass of seething orange-yellow versus equally seething blue. Bunny, who took no part in football fandom, had to admit that being a south-side-of-the-city guy he had to side with City just for the random hell of it. For this was a biggie - two teams playing and only one could stay up. Even if you couldn't actually spell Local Relegation Derby you could feel it.

He had his own fish to fry at the moment. A warm day, he stepped into a corner shop to buy a bottle of water, nosed by the cooler cabinet and was immediately aware of the shopkeeper silently standing a few feet away, having come round from behind his counter and now supposedly taking a great interest in his own stock.

You think I'm a thief, Bunny thought. You don't have to be quite so blatant about it but you think I'm a thief. Well sod you. He paid for the water and left, making a note of the name of the shop and its position and promising never to set foot in it again. Outside the pitch of City blue was intensifying.

The End

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