Flanerie - Notes

Flanerie is 'wandering' but not aimlessly - Fournel contrasts the 'flaneur' who is on an active project, with the 'badaud' who is just loitering ('malicious standing' as I call it). 

Psychogeography - finding meaning in everyday places. Iain Sinclair particularly.

Using the city as your personal toybox cf. Joseph Hart (I'm presuming this is the Brooklyn-based artist, b. 1976, not the 19th century Calvinist minister).

Surrealism - finding the unknown - Andre Breton "Nadja". 

"Le Flaneur des Deux Rives" - Guillaume Apollinaire - title is a pun on 'deux rives' (the two banks of the river) and 'derive' (wandering). 

Le Flanner des Deux Rives - appears in front of you like a spectre, pies you then disappears (idea for another section?)

Being alone surrounded by the city. We used to watch the sunset from the parapets. 

The Architecture is everything. Or a start. And that's all you need. 

"La Liberte avec le Merveilleux" Jean Ferrat but I think it's also in Boris Vian somewhere. He was a great author for the grittiness and marvels of the deep city.

Baudelaire: "Fourmillante cité, cité pleine de rêves,
Où le spectre en plein jour raccroche le passant!" 

"Etranger qui passait" - William S Burroughs / St John Perse?

Jacques Dutronc "Il est 5 heures Paris s'eveille" (excellent cover version by An Pierle)

Years ago I wrote a story in which - and this wasn't even the point of the story - a character used to go into shops and not buy anything. Kind of 'intentional browsing'.

The End

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