"So, you wanna go see my bike?" said the guy. "We'll bring the others."

Hey safety in numbers right. He was drunk, I doubted he could stand straight for long, and he wasn't going to hurt me with all the other girls there was he?

"Yeah, why not?" I replied. This might make her react. I glanced over as we left, she was staring at us with some sort of strain in her face. Good, it was working.

"Here it is. Whad'y think?" Mutters of approval from the rest of the group.


"Yeah? Wanna ride?"

"Not tonight. You're drunk."

"Maybe. But you wouldn't mind another night?"

Why not say yeah? I mean he was so drunk he would probably have forgotten who I was tomorrow. "Yeah why not?"

"So you like me then?" He moved closer, and all of a sudden we were alone. Everyone had gone off, and left me alone. With him. Shit. "I said," and he grabbed my arm to stop me from moving, "do you like me?"

"Let go of me! You're hurting!"

"Good." He shoved me against the wall, and his eyes were blood shot. His head darted towards me, and I stretched my head as far as I could away. I meant to cry out, but my throat was dry, and I couldn't get a word out. He began attacking my neck with his lips. Oh god, not me! Not this! I could feel his free hand grasping my waist so that he could free his other hand and I fought to push him away, but he was to strong. I felt his hands rip my top and closed my eyes, praying it would soon be over. Then, suddenly, his weight was no longer there. I opened my eyes to see him sprawled on the floor, and my saviour standing over him. I blinked, and stared at the newcomer. And it was her. The girl I had followed this guy to get a reaction from, and here she was, saving my butt. Well, at least it was a reaction, but it had almost come at a price.

"Get up" she spat at him as he scrabbled to get to his feet. "Don't you dare think you can do this to anyone ever again!"

"Oh yeah, what you gonna do bout it?" He started forward to grab her, but she grabbed his wrist and twisted. There was a loud crack, and he collapsed to the floor in pain, supporting his broken wrist. She turned to face me. She looked over me for any injury, and when she saw none she looked at me with anger all over her perfect face.

"Come on." I got up, trembling slightly, and followed her down the side of the building. We walked in silence until, in the middle of a quiet street, I couldn't bear the silence anymore. 

"Th-thank you." She spun round quickly, and I could see the anger in her face had doubled.

"You had to go with him didn't you?"

"I-I didn't know! I thought..."

"No, you didn't think did you? You just didn't! Isn't it obvious what he's like? Couldn't you tell?"

"I guess not. At least, I thought he was too drunk to do anything." She looked stunned. Her eyes slid down and for a second I held my breath, but she said

"He ripped your top. You must be cold." She pulled off her jacket and swung it round my shoulders, then stepped back. I thought I saw some softening in her face, so I said,

"I suppose it was ok in the end." The thunder flew back in to her face.

"OK!!!!! Are you really that stupid? That boy is going to hate you, and what's more, he's going to be out for a re-match with me!" She pushed me against a wall, her hands either side of my head. I felt a sudden thrill at being this close to her, but I winced, the memory of the boy too fresh in my mind.

"I-I'm sorry!" I felt a tear drop from my treacherous eyes and blinked to try and prevent anymore. And her face was so close, she could see the tears, her eyes softened and she started to pull away but I grabbed her waist, pulling her to me and refusing to let go. And suddenly her lips were on mine and we were kissing. It felt so good, so good, and I felt her pulling me closer. My hands slid upwards till they were on the sides of her face and oh how good she smelled. Then all too sudden she had pulled away. I took in a huge breath and stared at her, and she stared at me.

"Wow" I choked, and then she straightened, looking coldly at me. I flinched, what had I done wrong? Then, without one more word she turned on her heel and stalked away in to the night.

The End

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