Alesha: Is she everywhere?Mature

Melissa and I went straight to the club when we'd got changed. A few of the girls were meeting us, and Melissa decided she was going to dress me up.

"Come on Alesha, dress up, you've got some really nice stuff and you're pretty. Why don't you just show off for once?"

She wouldn't listen to my arguments, so I gave in. Hey why not? Just for once I might try it. So Melissa spent half an hour putting makeup on me, straightening and gelling my hair, and choosing my outfit for me. When I looked in the mirror I admit that I was shocked. Melissa grinned.

"Now if anyone can resist you looking like that, I'll give away my prada collection." I grinned. Prada was almost sacred to Melissa. "And shit Al, you've got boobs!"

"Oh ha ha!" She laughed and grabbed her bag.

"Come on then, let's go!"

When we got to the club about half four, Kate, Lisa and Danny were all ready there. My turn for the first round of drinks, so I headed off to get them. Next on the agenda, dance till we drop. So there we were, on the floor and this gang of guys were staring at us. The girls kept looking at them, and so it wasn't unexpected when they came over.

"Hey girls, fancy a drink?"

Melissa looked the leader up and down, moved a little closer.

"A drink...with you? Yeah  right." She turned round, and the guy pulled that face they all pull. The one were their mouth sucks in and they go "Ow". And after that, the boy moves closer.

"Well I guess you aren't up for a ride on my bike then?"

"Let me guess, it has a cute little bell on it."

"Hey, you're funny. Let me buy you a drink."

"Alright." So the guys mixed with the girls, and everyone was dancing in a big group. And then another guy joined the group. he was big, and I knew straight away he was a bully. You could tell from the way he walked. And unfortunately, the one he was interested in was me. I tried to keep away from him, there was something about him I didn't like, and luckily he got the message. I didn't want to keep near him though, just incase getting drunk gave him the edge he needed to be dangerous. So I retreated to the table with some of the girls who hadn't got on with the guys in the gang. And then who should walk in but her. The girl who appeared everywhere. Time for a trip to the bathroom.

When I came back, the guy I'd avoided was flirting with her. And I couldn't warn her about what I thought he was like, because I didn't dare go anywhere near her, in case something else happened, or she touched me and I felt that way again. So when she saw me across the room I tried to avoid her glare by giving her the most icy glare I could under the circumstances. And I could tell it upset her because she started responding to the guy who was getting more and more drunk as the night went on, probably with booze that had been smuggled in. Which was not the reaction I could have hoped for. And then he was gesturing, and the whole gang with some of my group and her got up and went outside. This was a manouver I knew. The group goes out, you think you're safe in numbers, and then his gang and their 'catches' go off one by one, and the most vunerable is left with the most powerful. I got up quietly, and headed for the door. just to check I said to myself. Just to check.     

The End

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