Alesha. 50 minutes of pain.Mature


I paid no attention to the girl who was stupid enough to sit next to me. I was watching the birds on the school field scrabbling over bits of food left from lunch. There was a slight scuffling to my left, probably the girl getting her books out of her bag. I stopped tracing patterns on my paper and got a pen from my pocket. Time to work.

I know what you're thinking. My type don't generally work in school, but I like some of the lessons and the teachers, so I do the work for them.

I began doodling with my pen in the corner of the page. I could tell whoever it was next to me was looking over my shoulder, so I waited until she moved a bit closer, and then gave her a hard nudge in the arm. She started and I turned round to smirk, but stopped.

It was her.

Oh god no...not her.

"Sorry" I muttered, trying to tear my eyes away from hers.

“It’s nothing.” She looked upset, and I felt the guilt well up inside of me.

“Look,” I said, then stopped, because there wasn’t anything I could say. What could I say to this girl who confused me so much, and who was now looking at me with hope in her eyes, thinking we could be friends and talk.

 “Just don’t hang over me.” I said, in an attempt to stop anything else that might happen, and dragged my eyes back from her now slightly tearful eyes and onto my paper again. 

The lesson dragged on and I suffered every minute. All I could concentrate on was the breathing of the girl next to me, and it aggitated me that she was so close and yet I didn't dare touch her. 

When the bell rang I leapt up and got out of that classroom the fastest I've ever moved in my life. And for the rest of the day I avoided her like the plague, and refused point blank to go in to anymore lessons with her. So the rest of the day I spent without incident but didn't hang about with the gang after school, I was way to eager to get out of there.  

The End

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