I don't get it. What happened? One minute it looked like I was about to become the new play toy for the school's bullies and the was her. The girl who had been sat on the gate. The leader of the gang. She'd stopped them. She'd looked in to my eyes and, she'd started. Her face went as if she had got an electric shock, and then she'd masked it really quickly. Her face had gone blank but her eyes...well her eyes had just started melting in front of me. I could see them, could see the struggle that was going on inside. And the more i noticed, the more she melted. It was the strangest feeling i've ever had.

And then she'd just nodded at the gang. i hadn't even noticed they'd moved aside. They opened the gate and I'd taken this as the queue to go through. All the gang stared at me puzzled as I went past. That was when it happened. i'd felt my arm brush the leg of the girl on the top of the gate...and sparks had flown up my arm. i'd blushed and hurried on. But what had happened?

I'd never been so flustered by someone before in my life. As i moved through the confusing new secondary school, trying to catch up with what the teachers where saying and find out what i'd missed, all i saw was her face. i kept hoping i'd see her again, but my schedule kept me busy, and i was too busy trying to make friends to dare to mention it to any of the people I had met.

There was only one person i really got to like. She was in my first few lessons, and I went with her to a table at lunch. She introduced me to everyone. Her name is Dionne. So I sat with her and her friends during lunch, every so often looking round the sixth form cafeteria for the girl from the gate. Those eyes were imprinted in to my mind...

Unsuccessful in my hunt for my mystery girl, i went to next lesson with the sinking feeling that maybe she was avoiding me. Maybe she had felt what I had in that brief moment I had touched her. I reached the door of my english classroom and followed a few students in. i went straight up to the desk, not even bothering to look at the eyes I could feel boring in to my back. Mrs Steadham, that was her name, gave me a book and a smile. i could tell we were going to get along. Then she pointed out a seat to me and as I turned to look at it, a shiver ran through me. It was her. my mystery girl. She was sat on a table that had the only spare seat in the classroom, and unlike the rest of the class she was staring out of the window, her fingers tracing some invisible pattern on her paper. I went to the seat nervously and sat down. She didn't turn around.

"Hi." I said.

The End

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